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  1. Based on what am doing now I don’t see making meaningful headways in 20 years to come TBH. Because I have alot of characters I need to change/ build on. Like procastination, low self esteem, and many more.
    P.s Am happy am the first to comment😊

    1. Congratulations for being the first to comment!! 😀
      It is great if you know what you need to work on. It is the first step.

  2. That question gave me a jolt. Probably nowhere different if I don’t stop procrastinating and letting myself be distracted by things.

      1. I’m pretty much lacking in everything needed to come up with a workable plan right now – zero direction, motivation, energy, positivity or anything else useful. If you can think of a way to fix even one of those things, I’d love the help!

      2. You can start with creating a list of things you need in order to get where you want to go regardless if you have them or not. Try thinking about what you want and make a list of what it is required to get there. Imagine it’s about someone else. What would someone need to get there? Like a recipe for a cake or something. Can you do that?

      3. Think I’ve lost sight of where I want to go. I could only come up with one thing I wanted, and the basic recipe looks like this:

        1. Write novel
        2. Edit novel
        3. Find publisher

        The problem being #1 – I’ve had writer’s block for weeks. So frustrating.

      4. Maybe in order to solve that writer’s block, you need to read more and more things. That’s what successful writers recommend.

      5. That’s a good idea. I don’t really make the time to read anymore.

        You should charge people for the advice you give on here. If I had any money, I’d pay 🙂

      6. Thank you so much for your kind words! I try to make people that spend their time here to feel better. To find something useful. In time, if the value I try to bring is good enough, I’m sure the money will come. I really hope mi advices will help you.

      1. Well, sh*t happens. If you go on with the life you have now, I’m sure it will continue to be awesome!

  3. Tough question. Hopefully I’ll be winding back the job that pays the bills because I’ll be just over 80 in twenty years and completely focused on family, friends and helping others. So in some ways no different than today, just with a lot more time. I’d like to see myself still healthy, with no more battle scars along the way both physically and mentally. I’d hope my better half is still by my side. I hope to be much more skilled in my artistic pursuits. Location wise I’ll still be in the great state of Maryland but hopefully with my feet in the sand at least half the year. Funny thing, just sitting here thinking about that question and how differently I would have answered it at various stages of my life. Sorry to ramble on. Have a good day all.

    1. This is a great life you described! I’ll come back with this question in a few years to see if you’re answer changes. 🙂

      1. Children books (picture books/early readers) and YA. My ideas aren’t really “adult” but I see them fitting better in YA than any other category.

  4. Healthier – physically and emotionally. Watching my children and grand children and great grand children grow into themselves. Holding my hubby’s hand, while drinking coffee and watching Doctor Who. Those are the goals.

      1. A family that protects Earth and its twin planet. Of course there’s someone who wants all the magic power to themselves. I have a great plot twist in mind… Now to write it all down 🤔
        The family origin is from unnamed Earth’s twin and they are called Lyinx humans 😐

  5. Hopefully I traveled all the places I am looking forward to visit, did that base-jumping thing, being surrounded by more kids and perhaps grandchildren too- Living a life with positive vibes, lots of sports-activities, cooking nice food, enjoying literature and a cozy well organized home. A swimming area will be my personal zone to calm down and be still a person who can solve problems for other people. Being spiritual and a great believer in god will always guide me to improve myself and help others to listen to their hearts and follow their dreams. Hopefully I will be an inspiration for others to believe in god, family and happy marriage life.

  6. No idea. I literally just posted about what it was like for me 20 years ago and this is not at all where I thought I’d be. But it’s funny, because it’s kind of the same… just flipped a bit.
    In 20 years time I will be on the verge of 52. I would like to think I had made a difference in the world, one that was for the better and not the worse. And I know it’s always a matter of whose perspective in terms of being able to judge that… But I would like to think I was a force for good… even if people think I’m evil… instead of going on another tirade (jesus I realise I write REALLY REALLY LONG comments), I might share this post and write my response. I’ll schedule it for tomorrow or something though.

    1. I love your comments! This difference between good and bad can be pretty tough sometimes, but if we do what we want to do (in the terms of good) and we feel fulfilled by it, it’s closer to good than bad (at least, from our perspective).

      1. That’s the stuff! I really appreciate it. Because you guys are thinkers, not just doers. It’s finding the harmony or balance between both. We’re not always perfect in the one single moment but that’s how we’re often judged. Because we can only ever care about what’s in front of their eyes, and what’s inside of their own heads.. and never both to even think about what it might be like if the situation was reversed.

      1. You’re not deceased yet, so it might not include you! How many of them died at that age? May dad died when he was 50

      2. Total of 11? I doubt you will be 12. 11 is destiny. You are at the start of a new beginning. You’ll be fine. 🙂 and if you do die instead of live through it, I’m happy to be wrong.

      3. Since you haven’t lived the same life as them, the “outcome” might be different too. Live and see 🙂

      4. Also. 69 sounds like a fun age to die. Sexy. It’s like a sexy ourborous. Maybe try to die while doing that! Not now though, it’ll be like a triple 69

  7. In twenty years (if I’m alive) I see myself as a writer owning huge ass library, (which will also have books under my name) wearing my favorite lip color, somewhere close to answers (and peace) to all the questions keep popping up in my head.

  8. Well, I am 74 as I speak, so while I don’t have a death wish, there is the possibility that I will not have to pay any taxes… 🙂

    “Why do people talk of the horrors of old age? It’s great. I feel like a fine old car with the parts gradually wearing out, but I’m not complaining,… Those who find growing old terrible are people who haven’t done what they wanted with their lives.” Martha Gellhorn

  9. Hopefully I’ll have my Masters in Social Work Degree and have some sort of position in the psychiatric field. Still working on my Associates now. I’d like to be living in a nicer apartment, It would be nice to own a house but I would be find with living in good apartment too. I would like to have traveled a lot and be somewhat fluent in the languages I’ve been studying. I’d also like to be playing my violin again. I’d like to grow more in my faith as well.

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