Overthinking Everything? Read this.

Today I’d like to share with you one of the common life wisdom’s I’ve been told throughout my childhood (and still being told) that I never really got the hang of.

We’ve all been given the advice to follow our gut feeling, do what our heart tells us to, do what ‘feels’ right blah blah blah.

In case you’ve been wondering what the heck those sayings mean, you’ve come to the right place.

Because guess what!

I’ve got an answer that is sorta mind-blowing.

This explanation is grounded in biology. More specifically, in our limbic system.

The limbic system, as you may or may not know is the oldest part of the brain. Also commonly referred to as the ‘reptile brain’.

Psychologists, biologists and anyone who did their homework on how the brain functions will know that the limbic system is the part of the brain where our emotions and feelings originate from. It is responsible for our irrational and subjective thoughts and is the place where 90% of our decisions come from. 

…and by the way, our limbic brain is reflected by other parts of our body too. For some, it is their gut, for others their heart. We all have a place that cramps when we get emotional about something.

For me, it is my stomach.

Through brain scans, scientists have found out that our limbic system has no neurons connected to the language center and hence has no capacity for language. To put into simple terms, we are unable to put into words what we feel.

This is why it is soooooo hard for us to accurately describe how we feel sometimes.

Questions like ‘why did you marry your partner’, are just as hard to answer.

Sure, we may come up with a bunch of statements that rationalize our reasoning. Saying things like ‘He/she is smart, funny, intelligent, they complete me’ are amongst the most common ones.

But there are also a million other people who are smart and funny, right?

The reason this question is so uncomfortable to answer is because it was an emotional decision you made back then when you decided to marry that one person. And as we just learned, anything that involves explaining something from an emotional standpoint is hardly possible, because our limbic system has no capacity for language.

Here are a bunch of other questions that may be tough to answer…

  • Why do you do what you do?
  • What is your cause or purpose?
  • Why do you get out of bed in the morning?

Funnily enough, neuroscientific studies show that decisions made through our intuition are the ones that usually reap the greater outcome. Even if the decision goes against all rational facts.

fMRI scans (functional magnetic resonance imaging) has further shown that when people are asked to make a decision, the first part of the brain that kicks in, is the limbic brain. This is how we justify that 90% of our decision are indeed emotional and not rational.

So look, my point is, is that if you’re stuck in a rut right now, because you can’t make up your mind about something, or have been overthinking a decision for a week or even got to the point where you’re consulting your dog or cat about it, let me tell you that the first thought you have about a decision, is most definitely the right one.

Hope I could help,

Goodnight from Germany,


24 thoughts on “Overthinking Everything? Read this.

  1. I found out that most people are unable to speak about their deep feelings because it’s a kind of self protection. Why a groom should not answer: I married her, because I deeply love her! ???? People are afraid that other will judge you or love at you. Guys might think it’s ladylike to show big emotions. At the opposite I am sure if more men would have the courage to show their feelings without compromise our whole society could change to the good. Perhaps I assume other people are aware of their emotions too so as I am, but probably most people don’t connect their heart with their brain! Thanks for that great input Max and welcome to my homecountry

    1. I am all about heart heart heart. Im trying to rationalise the brain and heart (soul) connection. The world has very much been about have proof and scientific knowledge and understanding of only the physical world. There has been much argument about the existence of the soul and anything metaphysical, mystical. The emotions are so “that’s women folk for ya, always so hysterical” that women, even though they are now more than ever accepted as equals with in society, there is no proof to the idea of “instinct” and “gut intuition”. And it’s bullshit that even though women have always had “that feeling”, the world only listens to men who spout it. And that’s fine. This is a man’s world so I have to play by the established rules and laws in order for magic to gain it’s rightful respect of legitimacy.

      1. Why you have to play by the established rules? Are you afraid to be burned? The women of the past who had knowledge about herbs 🌿 where burnt for their practices, because men could not control their talents and were highly afraid of them. Heartpeople can change the world to the good, I am sure about it. I would rather burn than close my eyes or heart for unrighteousness

      2. Nope no fear of fire. I was reborn of fire. It’s funny I feel good in heat or in cold, it’s the temperate where I get confused. Everyone says it’s nice weather and my body has no idea if it’s hot or cold. So it’s unpredictable. It’s about the acceptance of chaos. There’s no rule of thumb. It doesn’t matter if your one, or the other, or in fact both or neither! The recognition of a third and all because something is different doesn’t mean it’s weird. “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” Hah, so we are allowed to change our minds if we want, or remain the same if we want. It doesn’t matter, and we should not have to be bound. But it’s okay if we are. It’s about peace and causing no harm. A herold for hermaphrotodus, the messenger of mercury. Harmony of Hermes. Train of Thoth. But what I am scared of? The world being on fire because of war. Because people just can’t get over themselves and their fucking pride and ego. Boo hoo feminism. Boo hoo misandry. Gender is a social construct, why can’t people just be one or the other? Because people are always arguing, they don’t stop unless there’s a common enemy. I’ve always loved men and women, but in their passion (love and hate) they decide to attack their neutral friend! “Why don’t you ever pick a side? Blah blah wah wah” and I have to remind people how I’ve always been there, for both of them. Why do I have to choose? If I have to fucking choose, instead of choosing one side or the other, I fucking choose to Fuck off out of here. But I can’t let the children suffer. I won’t let the world suffer because of some fucking petty argument about being right, or being wrong. Left or right handed. Up or down. Conform or rebel. I choose the right to create my own choices. Any of the shades of grey between black and white. Heck, what about any of the range of spectrum of colour. Open up your eyes. Or close them. It doesn’t matter. Whatever makes you happy. (Legitimise mysticism, it’s just as worthy as medicine)

      3. I’m sorry. I got a bit carried away there. I believe in love. I am happy. But I can’t keep the knowledge of how I learned to figure that shit out a secret for myself. Everyone is suffering the same problems and the lessons have always been there for the taking. But the people of power chose to hide the knowledge in plain sight, so only the “worthy” can find them. Fuck that. That’s not fair. I think it’s about high tide time that everyone be allowed to have access and training in said knowledge.

  2. THank you so much for this. This is a great read. I use to overthink a lot, I mean, until now. But then, my friends always tell me not to. But I just can’t! It was fun reading the limbic part or this blog. Thank you once again for this <3

  3. Fuck yes. I’m an expert on experiential liminality but I’m been so focused on endocrinology I haven’t mapped out the limbic centre of the brain… thanks!!!!!!!!! (Master of backwards mapping and bastardised engineering [backyard.. backdoor.. basement… Hah])

  4. Most people may not have an answer as there isn’t one – a system that exists to get food,procreate came before language. We’re overlaying a question, language on something that perhaps doesn’t convert. Like the child asking ‘why?’

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