73 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 160

  1. I like to snuggle, and watch the trees outside the window move in the breeze. Should one of the cats join me and start purring; I’m out like a light. Or I’ll settle on the sofa and watch something that brings peace – oceans, animals, snow….

      1. Right now I’m watching the new series Maniac. I like to watch the Netflix originals, there are some good ones and many bad ones 😅. My fave show is probably Game of Thrones.

  2. When I’m tired, I tag my hubbs in to take over with the littles; grab anything with a point becuz my oldest now knows how to pick locks smh, lock the door, cuddle under the covers and write a chapter until I get sleepy. It’s amazing how we are so intuned with our phones, that we “work” or scroll til our eyes get tired

  3. I’d love to say something healthy like, go for a walk, but being honest I: drink coffee (bad) or eat something with a heap of sugar in it (worse).

      1. Yes, I have actually, it’s the worse. Makes me want to throw a temper tantrum like a toddler lol. So I try to listen to music or read or watch tv until my brain wires down

      1. Lots. I have a board for house building ideas (sims 4 is currently the preferred building game), then i’ve got a board for book writing (tips and tricks, memes, Writing prompts,…), then i’ve got one for mental stuff, book Fandom, a board just for memes,…
        My favorite is “1000 words” where i pin concept art i find on Pinterest

    1. Well, If I really think about it, I think I’m tired all the time, but what I want in life is more important so my desire is tougher than tiredness. For me, being tired is good because I know I’m doing stuff. If I have too much energy, I need to consume it with something.

  4. Lavender in the diffuser, legs up the wall, stretching, chest opening poses to relax completely. There is no worse feeling then a tense tired.

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