51 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 155

      1. That depends. I’ve been writing forever, but in 2007 I finally bit the bullet and went for it. I’ve written and co-written over 30 books since then and love it! Just gotta dive right in sometimes.

  1. A serious car accident I had many years ago. Had a beautiful experience [spiritual isn’t the right word, but it’s the best I’ve got] at the moment I knew I was about to die. Best day of my life.

      1. Words couldn’t do it justice. I can only say that time stopped, and that some unknown thing was there guiding me into a physical position that saved my life. Never been able to explain it.

  2. Okay… There is this friend I have and she came and exposed them to .e because she was always around them whenever they gossipped about me and she just kept feeling guilty.

  3. My family is one of the greatest treasures I have on this planet, and has been the source of much goodness, including lived examples of God’s love, without which I know not how God would reveal Himself to me.

  4. My travels with my parents and siblings. We are all as different as chalk and cheese and everyday life sucks out the energy to be caring and loving and kind to each other. Traveling together gives us a chance to be kinder to ourselves and see the adventurous and humourous sides of each of ourselves. It helps us in filling the gaps and also in being more accepting of each other’s quirks.

    1. Awesome! I believe that traveling can be a great way to help us change our mentality. We change the environment we’re used to and this opens up a new range of experiences we maybe didn’t know to be possible for us.

  5. Moving to California with a man I met a year before the move without ever stepping foot in California before. I am so glad I took that risk, because he is the love of my life and with our combined 5 kids (almost all adults) we became a happy, loving, well-adjusted family. I found my soul mate. (I hope that doesn’t sound too cliche, but after 2 divorces and numerous toxic relationships) I found the love of my life. If I didn’t trust my gut, I wouldn’t be where I am now… Happy and in love… I can go on and on, but I am sure you all get the point

    1. I’m so glad you took that leap of faith which made your life better. You overcome the possible fear and you risked. Without that risk, it wouldn’t have been possible.

      1. Absolutely! I struggled at first cause I couldn’t return to work which was my entire life… instead I became a stay at home mom and was able to have 2 more children and be there for them full time. The biggest change was my spiritual life… I am thankful for every second of my life. Recently I had 3 strokes since 2015 but nothing stops me. I treasure everyday!

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