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      1. Stress for me looks like an amplified version of worry, so first I had to stop worrying. Worry stems from future thinking, so there has been a lot of practicing present moment, and staying in the now.

        I learned to be careful with my words. I didn’t have to say everything I thought. Once we say things out loud that we are worried about, or stressed about, it brings life to that idea. So, I would just refocus on the now. What was happening right in front of me, and take it one day at a time. xxx

      2. Thank you lovely. xx I’ve learned that faith works two ways. We can either believe for the good, and bring goodness into our lives, or we can stress over the unseen, and give it life. Stress is an unfavorable scenario that hasn’t even occurred yet. I choose to believe in the goodness of life. xx Have a beautiful day! xx

  1. My rollercoaster mood swings. And my family. And my annoyingly slow phone. And dealing with anyone in local government. And just everything really.

      1. I’m hardwired to be stressed all the time about anything and everything. The wiring needs changing. Journaling and meditation help the process. That, and throwing my phone at the wall – a lot.

      2. I wouldn’t say hardwired, but in time, you developed some strong neuronal paths that are easier to get activated when something appears that might need to be stressful. If you work on it, in time they’ll dissolve and you’ll create new paths.

  2. Right now my Grandmother is in the hospital, I want to visit her, have the money but the roads are covered in snow. I also feel (and that is most of the problem is feeling) like my boss would like me to just quit. This is probably a little true, but mostly not true. However, I am uncomfortable at work because of it, and I am making my workplace toxic by being unable to deal with this emotion. I am still working on it because I know I am the only one who can deal with this emotion as it belongs solely to me. I create my own stress. And that stresses me out.

  3. I am stressed by not having control. Over my environment, over what impacts me. I can control my the way I receive and respond to any and every thing, but not being able to control my comfort level at home, or how, when, and if the behaviors of others of others impact me in ways I can’t control.
    That stress is more than I can take.

  4. Indifferent and insensitive people with their heads stuck to their phones. No one really cares enough to hear the voice of others. I am a person who loves to chat about everything under the sun with my close ones and I find it really really tragic that my own family does not have the time to listen anymore. They would rather spend that time watching a movie or play a game in their phones. The feeling that arises out of this one of loneliness and a sense of personal failure. That is what is troubling me the most and the accompanying stress could kill!

    1. It is interesting and tragic to see what people prefer doing with their “free time” and there’s nothing we can do if they believe it’s fine. We can only try to find other people like us.

  5. Right now, money. Stupid money. Had a car accident and injured myself … with shit insurance and no work … literally up shit creek. Yay fun times … so Yea, my stress right now is money.

    1. I know how you feel. I had some problems with my car a few weeks ago as well. It can really bring some “fun” into our daily lives.

  6. Mistreated animals. Feral cats mostly. If i see a cat i give her/him some treats i’ve always got on me and hope they catch some food. I wish i could take them homr but there’s no space for any more pets… I can’t stop thinking about them once i’ve see them

      1. Yep. That was the first thing we did because we have another cat and we didn’t want her to get infected.

  7. Grocery shopping. It’s one of the few hold overs from living with domestic violence. It’s frustrating because for ten years, I’ve been with the kindest most patient man, yet I still have programming in my brain from so many years ago. I know I will never get in trouble for buying the wrong brand, the wrong color, the wrong flavor, the wrong anything, but I still have trepidation when I sit down to write my grocery list.

      1. Nothing would happen now, and the logical part of my brain knows this. Butt the small embedded part that remembers serious consequences seems to be able to overpower the logic. I am getting better, I usually can talk myself through it. It’s just one of the few things that remain from 13 years of domestic violence.

    1. Future can be scary… but maybe not knowing what will happen is a good thing. There is room for us to do whatever we want.

      1. You’re absolutely right. My fear lately revolves around the future as there’s greater uncertainty than usual. I’m trying to control what I can and to not sweat what I can’t control but it’s tricky to let go as I suffer from anxiety and panic attacks. I think I’m improving though and I’m going to be proud of that no matter how slowly the improvement comes😊

    1. Life is too short and we might not be strong enough to pull those people out of that negativity especially if they don’t want to. Having that wall is better!

  8. I stress myself out. My lack of ability to control my thoughts and emotions, my lack of capabilities. My constant worry and how that affects my relationships. I am my own worse enemy

    1. You probably are, but you can also be your best friend if you can switch from fighting your thoughts and emotions to understanding them first and then deciding if they need to be eliminated or transformed. What thoughts stress you out the most?

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