49 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 153

  1. I’ve learned a lot about issues such as social justice that I think would have been harder to access were it not for the huge community on the web. While things like FB comments are often challenging to wade through, the discussions are often through provoking and take you outside your local experience.

    As a long time hobby musician, I am amazed and astounded every time I go search for lyrics or chords on the ‘net that I used to do all this stuff by ear (and often got it wrong) – I think that’s helpful as long as it is part of a learning process that I am improving my ear training at the same time.

  2. I’ve learned so many skills on the net, but probably the best thing I learned was that my family were wrong. They have a narrow, and very negative, view of the world, which I just accepted as fact. But the internet opened my eyes to a limitless number of alternative perspectives…and gave me the chance to build a life my family would’ve said I could never have.

  3. TO me: i do not really feel like, i learnt from the internet. i explored and experienced things from internet. and may be this is why i want to explore it more and more. and after seeing whats happening over the globe i feel motivated. and this motivation at least is boosting my inner strength to speak against the wrong things going around me. i feel to motivate people towards positive change. and here at least exploring to the internet just didnt taught me it has made me able to motivate souls around me.

      1. yeah it is. i mean at the beginning it was hard to make people understand the things. like early marriage , youth participation, health and sanitation,etc. but now from internet i can explore for the ideas to make effective effort to explain people on various facts.

  4. That I have a lot to learn… 🙂

    “Any piece of knowledge I acquire today has a value at this moment exactly proportioned to my skill to deal with it. Tomorrow, when I know more, I will recall that piece of knowledge and use it better. “ Mark van Doren

      1. That it’s diverse & perhaps I’m not the only one struggling, trying to get to my safe haven where there’s less trouble. As much as I hate the fact that being online tends to make us forget real life, I can’t undermine the fact that the age of internet has indeed catered to the creation of a global village where we can learn to share our thoughts & co-exist with those of others. It has definitely broadened my understanding of the world without having to actually travel around. Though I’m sure travelling is always a portal to deeper understanding.

      2. Traveling is great and I would like to travel more, but in the lack of resources, virtual traveling works fine too 😀

  5. I’ve learned most people yearn for the same things. To feel wanted, to be accepted for who they are and to contribute to a better society.

    Believe it or not, the world is a better place because of the internet. It helps me at least. I learned I don’t have to shout that loud. I have an audience right here.

  6. I learned that there is medical and governmental information readily available to the public and that we can do our own research to verify or dispute absolutely anything we are told in order to formulate our own conclusions.

  7. The best thing I learned from the internet, is to look in front of me more often. That is easy to rely on its click proof answers but it’s okay to pick up a physical book sometimes to research or actually go out to socialize. I may not go out all the time because of my introversion but I do value time with a small group of people. I will still flip through a paperback thesaurus of encyclopedia. It also taught me that people hide behind a facade of courage because they are behind the keyboard, yet it reveals who they really are as a person. You have the courage to say awful things because you’re not facing the person or people you are talking about. Also people will do anything for attention, even if it’s bad, fails have become the way to get people to be noticed. But this is what I’ve noticed.

    1. Society implies some rules, but the internet doesn’t (most of the time). Because of this, people can go as savage as they want.

      1. The Internet is a tool. Unfortunately we use it to the point that it interupts our lives, robs us of time and makes us lazy. There’s an entire world beyong the ‘net, even if it is in one’s our backyard garden.

    1. Yes. We cannot take every piece of info as being true just as we cannot take every thought we have as being true. In my opinion, all of them are theories that need to be tested.

  8. There is a long list most of which has been mentioned here . So I will tell you a personal experience. I am a fashion designer and owned a boutique till the end of 2016. Some of my best clients didn’t belong to my country. But we managed to do business and stay in touch only because of the internet. It amazes me that I could chat with some one, send them specs of designs, discuss colour and fabric, get their sizes and various other nitty gritty without ever hearing the voice or seeing the face of my client. And the money would also be wired over Netbanking. It is this ease of doing things virtually that bowls me over even now. Yes, there are some very bad things happening in the Net but that does not stop me from keeping the faith over the goodness of something so wonderful! Thank you for asking such a thought provoking question.

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