75 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 152

  1. Learning is incredibly important! Beyond learning the skills necessary to achieve success, I believe the most important learning is how we handle failure. Do you take notes on your failures… how, why, cause and effect, and then apply the necessary actions to fix it?

    1. I don’t take notes, but I have a very good memory and I usually remember what went wrong and I try something else if I come across the same situation.

      1. I’m not Jewish, but I love the Bible and would like to understand Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek. The old testament is my favorite, so I’m focusing on Hebrew right now.

      2. In general, I love language. Hebrew is so interesting, not only historically and theologically, but that it has come back from being considered dead. Right now I’m just pursing an amateur study, but hope to take some college courses on it soon.

      3. I had much travail with Spanish in high school, but I enjoyed refreshing myself on the subject with Duolingo. (That’s how I’m practicing Hebrew right now.)

  2. As I deal with life’s challenges I learn something new every day… I had a teacher once tell met that “the day I need not gather any more knowledge were the day of my funeral”… 🙂

  3. To learn from life on a daily basis. In those quiet moments, I can read and expand my knowledge, but my favorite type of learning is just noticing what is happeneing right in front of me. xxx

  4. There is so much that I could say – but let’s keep it real and current.

    Letting go of the need to control and accepting the guidance of those who are in recovery from eating disorders and the professionals who are trying to help me.

  5. Japanese. It seems like certain days I must be speaking Japanese, because no one understands what I’m saying. So I figure if I actually learn the language, I can switch gears and really confuse everyone.

  6. I think and both know fundamentally that I have to learn how to accept others where they are. I only can change myself not other people, places and things. It starts with me first. Being mindful of this has caused me less anxiety and it is rewarding since I’m not constantly battling against myself.

  7. I need to learn self-confidence and self-advocacy. I mean, I am the architect of my own life and no-one can decide for me how to live it, but I still struggle with actually asserting myself.

  8. Better photography and photo editing skills. I’d love to be a professional photographer one day! To that end, I took family photos of 6 families unknown to me today. I will edit and send them their photos. (I do know quite a bit about photography already). I am pouring my sweat and tears into it, but I’m building my portfolio as we speak!

  9. I need to improve my time management – no question! I have three kiddos, work full time, and am in grad school. I do “okay” but I could do better…

  10. Three things: Accepting people for who they are, Patience and Detachment. There are learnings that are ongoing and might only end the day I die!😁

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