58 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 148

  1. Self discipline. I struggle to do what I need to, not just what I *want* to – especially when it comes to taking care of myself.

      1. I do not. Some of the issue comes from not having a place I need to be every day. Some of it comes from coping with ongoing pain – it derails me more than I like. But I think my biggest hurdle is setting up the list or schedule to break into good habits. I’ve got to figure out a way to make it my own.

      2. It’s something that if I don’t do for myself, I’ll resent the hell out of. But giving me the idea to create a schedule… *wheels are turning in the brain*

      1. Can’t talk on the phone or go out for a long time… Always have a meltdown after a phone call… I use email for arranging doctors appointments and stuff but it’s not always an option

      2. Maybe you could write some sort of a script for you to follow when you need to make some standard calls and during that call you can read from it? I used to do this a while back and it helped me.

      3. Can’t stick to the script. I just start blabbing something and revert to English. Somehow my social anxiety doesn’t apply to English.

  2. Men – crazy, obsessive, outsiders with a dark side – are my weakness. I’ve stayed single a long time so I wouldn’t get dragged down by one of them again.

  3. I think that my biggest weakness is when I’m not able to do what I promised. This applies to other people but to me as well. I say it’s a weakness because I get frustrated and angry when I’m not able to do what I promised and this f*cks up my mood.

      1. So moving with him is causing you anxiety? What goes through your mind when you think about this situation?

      2. The moving process is. I’ve lived with mom the past 3 years cause of a divorce. I always said after college I was moving out. So more or less the reality of leaving home again and moving in with someone again is nerve wracking. Failure, failing again, kicks in more than anything

    1. That can indeed be a weakness. Love can blind people or it can open their eyes. Sometimes it’s harder to tell which one applies.

  4. I am very moody, it depends on myself and my surroundings. I easily get overwhelmed by noises, bad smell, to much sun and stupid people. Or if somebody destroys my schedule :O) WAAAHHH, I will be angry and become sarcastic. I need to have a lot of alone time and an intense work-out to get all theses impressions out of my body and soul!

  5. My fear. I’ve often thought if I could rid myself of fear then my life would be completely different! That’s not to say I’m not happy now, I just think I would have put myself out there more!

      1. I started to write a reply to this and I thought about all the things I could have done if I wasn’t scared but then I thought that if I had done those things then the life I have right now wouldn’t be the same. So immediately and future wise – I’d get my ass into gear and get into public speaking right now. I’d really put myself out there for it. That’s the biggest thing for me at the moment x

  6. My greatest weakness is giving too much of myself to others. I recently did a personality test which said that I was the “THE DEFENDER” (ISFJ-A) personality type. All my life I have taken care of others without considering my own spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical health—and I have paid dearly for it. The past two years have been a personal exploration journey for me, and I have come to really understand that I must take care of myself first before I can take care of anyone else. This revelation is one that I already knew and shared with others often, but never applied it to my own life. Today, I continue to give to others; however, I make sure that I am the first partaker of everything I give.

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