Happiness Is a Constant Work-In-Progress.

The one constant we all have in our life, are our problems.

We all have many different problems we have to face day in and day out…

Like solving your health problems, finding a job, getting the car fixed, meeting the deadline for a report, blah blah blah. The list of problems we have are endless, and as you probably already noticed, never really come to an end.

The reason they never do is simply because solving your problems, creates even more problems!

Like when finishing that goddamn report after spending nights of overtime at the office, only to have your boss return it the next day to make further adjustments. As soon as the report is finally done, you start over only to find yourself writing the next report before you even notice it.

Or when doing something about your health problems! You get yourself a gym membership and find yourself having to get up early to hit the gym before work, pay the monthly membership fee, and shower straight after so you don’t stink up the entire office.

The point is, that the solutions to all your problems you have today, will lay the foundation for the problems you’ll be facing tomorrow. 

The key to happiness is to simply choose what problems you want to solve.

You see, happiness doesn’t come from simply deciding to be happy, thinking positively, reading a top ten article on the Huffington Post, or some sort of self-help guru. Happiness is not something that is magically found.

Happiness comes from solving problems that you actually enjoy solving!

Sometimes those problems are hard, and sometimes they are easy to solve. We just need to know what problems we really want to solve in life.

Once I asked myself the question ‘What problems do I enjoy solving?’ I really understood what it meant to do something you’re passionate about.

What daily problems do you solve? And how much do you enjoy solving them? 

Have a great day 🙂








74 thoughts on “Happiness Is a Constant Work-In-Progress.

  1. Problems are never-ending and still, we sometimes run away from problems like cats run away from water. And guess what? While running away we can create more problems. Solving problems is a great path to a great life. We cannot choose if we want to solve problems or not… we can choose what problems we want to solve.
    “Success is solving other people’s problems.” – Jay Samit

    1. Yes exactly!
      And as you say, its basically solving other people’s problems at the end of the day.

      To avoid problems, it isn’t uncommon for people to use ‘denial’. This is where someone knows that problems actually exist​s they just don’t want to face reality.

      The other one is adopting a so-called ‘victim mentality’, where someone makes excuses that they can’t solve their problem no matter what. Classic excuses include a lack in contacts, money, technology, time etc.

      Its really important we push through those barriers and adopt a real OFFENSE attitude! 🙂

  2. Your right, happiness is choice. And until I solved that problem for myself I spent a lot of time letting problems handle me and the wrong ones taking priority. The daily problem I enjoy handling now is how to pursue my love of blogging, photography while balancing a difficult job that pays the bills, a long commute and difficult hours along with trying to eat, sleep and exercise right and oh yeah, my main priority of family and friends, love and laughter and how to fit more of that in. When you have problems like that, life is good.

  3. I totally agree and always try and look for ways to swap problems I don’t want for problems that I DO want. For example, I don’t want the problem of struggling to make ends meet, but I DO want the problem of working hard to build careers in 3 different fields at once. The challenge and variation of doing this keeps me energised and motivated every day.

    Great post! 👍🏻

  4. Indeed, that’s really a Unique post on Problems……..They’re endless but ur Life is limited. So choose wisely what you enjoy to solve……….Find Happiness everywhere…..❤❤…..
    Brilliant piece. 👍❤

  5. I like to change “problems” to “situations”, it makes it easier to find solutions, for me at least. I agree though that happiness is a constant work in progress

  6. I love doing my daily chores. For some reason, being able to tick them off of my list makes me very happy! And playing with my pets or cleaning their cage. I guess caring for my pets is a problem I chose, and I think it’s all well worth it!

    1. Every tick is a dopamine kick! Solving every little problem makes us feel useful, so besides the happy feeling, we get our self-confidence build up too. 🙂

  7. I would say, if we remove the positive and negative label we attach to things, there wouldn’t be a problem or a solution. Things would simply just be, and without bias, we are free to experience.

    1. Hey! 🙂

      I’d say it’s absolutely normal to label problems positively or negatively. There are simply things someone enjoys doing and someone does not enjoy doing.

      We just have to choose to deal with the problems we enjoy solving.

      Also, if we remove the labels from problems, and would no longer have the concept of ‚problems and solutions‘ were would things like entrepreneurship go? The fundamental purpose of entrepreneurship is to solve problems people don’t like or don’t want to deal with to make their lives a little easier. I do think we need ‚bad‘ or ‚negative‘ problems just as much as we need problems we enjoy solving! 🙂

      Thanks for reading sharing!! 🙂

  8. I love this! It’s very similar to an idea I heard recently in a podcast I follow. EVERYTHING in life is going to create problems, you just have to decide which ones you enjoy solving that make it worth it! This is brilliant, so well done.

  9. Happiness can be a challenge when your brain chemistry is off. The trick for me is to look at what is bringing joy – good talks, cuddles, making food for those I love, and of course, my pets. If I choose to focus solely on what causes pain – well, there goes the happy. Is it easy? No. Is it worth the work? 100%

    1. Yes, happiness is chemistry. That’s why drugs work so well. We can use thoughts instead of words, but as you said, it’s very hard, but it also worth the work.

  10. Nice ^^ the feelings after another problem there’s another one T^T and most of the time you haven’t solve that problem and another ones come in T^T.
    That’s why my motto is. I have bettered be tired of doing what you love than stressing yourself because that’s their love and wants -_-

  11. Like Samantha further up on the list of comments, I like having a list of chores and getting them done. It’s partly a bit of physical exercise, but it’s completing something and that in itself is satisfying. There are some problems that I can do nothing about and I try therefore not to think about them, but unless I’m really busy, I find that very hard and the same repetitive thoughts spiral downwards. I’m working on that though and look forward to reading more of your posts as I loved this! Thank you. Katie

  12. Sometimes, when I am feeling overwhelmed with problems, I become disfunctional. I feel like my brain does not want to power on or something. I get very overwhelmed by the notion of not being able to solve a problem, but with this post I have realized I do have the power to choose the problems I face and solve them like a true warrior. What you said about the solutions of our problems today will lay the foundation for our problems tomorrow is absolutely a life changing statement. In my day to day life, as a college student making a transition into adulthood, I think carefully about the problems that truly matter and this helps me keep some peace within myself. Instead of becoming frustrated with having to solve Math problems that I don’t understand, I take a step back and think, these problems, twenty years down the line, will they matter? Will people really care if I solved them or not? Probably not, so I push onward, finish whatever work they want me to do, and I move on to the problems that matter to me. Anyway, just wanted to say thank you for your brilliant work. I enjoyed reading this very very much! Looking forward to seeing more of your posts ☺️🌸🌟

  13. “happiness” comes from within. Our Self worth determines Our happiness. If We “self sabotage” and continually make ‘negative’ choices the ‘projected’ outcome is negative.
    To be Truly ‘happy” we need to KNOW Our WORTH.
    Loving ourselves is “making” the best choices for ourselves, We are Worth it. By projecting Love, We elevate ourselves as well as those around us. Love gives us the Wisdom to make Positive choices……….positive choice equals postive outcome equals no ‘”problems”

    Have a beautiful journey, You are worth it

    1. Good point 🙂 yet in order to feel worth of something we first need to make the right choices and do something we feel has meaning. Self-worth doesn’t simply come from trying to feel it.

  14. “Trying to feel” a sense of “self worth” intimates “it” is something we need to “search” for. Self worth is “Knowing” who we are, “it” is our Truth. The pleasantries, “feelings” and “emotions” are the Result of that Truth. Instead of focusing on “self worth” as “problem” solving ( as this implys a “negative” narrative) Realise You have a beautiful God given “gift”, Your “purpose” which enables You to “understand human behaviour” in order to uplift humanity and make their Lives more fruitful in a positive Light.
    have a blessed day

    1. Self-worth certainly won’t come from simply ‚realizing‘ your purpose or believing that god has given you some sort of special or beautiful gift 😄 that kind of thinking is narcissism, in its purest and simplest form.

      Much of the empirical evidence in scientific literature suggests that people who report having a sense of purpose in their lives, say that their purpose had to be created and wasn’t automatically ‘there’.

      In this respect, purpose and self-worth are both manifestations of the journey people decide to embark on. A journey of deciding what problems to commit to solving in life.

      Hope this clears things up. 🙂

      1. “Narcissism” is a “label” given to those who are Egocentric and Self serving. You are correct, “self worth certainly won’t come from simply realizing Your Purpose”. Only Selfless Love shows Us Our Purpose, to give of ourselves ‘freely’ expecting nothing in return, that is how We “Know” Our “Truth”. Love is Truth and Truth is Love. God is Love…………..have a beautiful Journey, You are worth it

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