67 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 132

  1. I promised to myself that I’ll never quit writing no matter what. There are days I find this very hard to keep, but I’m not quiting.

  2. With life ever changing and unpredictable, I promised never to make promises.. I just get up every morning, develop a plan and try to follow that plan with my heart leading the way… 🙂

      1. Still a long way to go on the first one. As for the second I’ve been working on a few stories that I’ve been considering posting on my blog but nothing worthwhile yet.

      1. I’m literally just starting. I’m cooking my ass off today to make sure I have food for the week! I’m trying keto but in the past I’ve had issues with it due to lack of a gall bladder. A specialist has me on some medication for it now and has given me the green light to give it another go.

    1. That is a great promise! The thing is that we’re making expectations based on our thoughts and wishes so there are high chances for them not to become real and it’s a real source of frustrations and negativity.

  3. That I would never, ever settle for less than the life I really want, even if I die trying to get it. And my refusal to settle has cost me everything and everyone…so now I definitely can’t settle, or it will all have been for nothing ☺️

  4. Thanks for the like! Excellent question; I need to keep writing!!! My fear of running out of content slows me down a lot. I’m back on the wagon and determined not to fall off!!

    1. My pleasure! What can really help with this is reading and surrounding yourself with things that you would like to write about (like YouTube videos). Interacting with other bloggers might help with that too.

      1. Sometimes I google memes just to what pops up…or if I see an abstract term I do not know, I like to analyze the definition. However, I try to be careful as to not give false information or speak for certain groups. The beauty of blogging is the ability to gain perspective and expand not only your worldview, but your mind as well. I have found this to be an amazing help in learning to think for myself 🙂

      2. Yes, exactly! That’s what I try to do too, but there are some perspectives that are much harder to put into words than others.

      1. I put myself first by saying NO sometimes, like everything used to be a yes from me no matter what . I was more interested in other people’s feelings than my own. I would let others borrow money when I knew I wouldn’t have enough to eat lunch for the week because in my head that was the noble thing to do until I realized people was just taking advantage.

      2. There are people who really deserve that, but they are also people that take advantage. sometimes it’s hard to realize which is which.

    1. That’s one of the best lessons you can teach and if you do it, you’d teach them by the power of example. Keep it up!

  5. Talking about promises as some kind of Wooster’s Code I would formula:

    1. Null reproaches
    2. Be grateful
    3. Sobriety
    4. Do it myself.
    5. Keep all in the family.

    It took five. 🙂
    Of course I am unable to keep them. Just Code. 🙂

  6. It’s all against my nature. I like to reproach everything and everybody I forget to be grateful, sober, not lamenting and I like to urge people to do my job. Absolutely Sisyphus work.

  7. That I will stick to the schedule I created in my planner. I have a busy schedule and need to even write in time to relax… This weekend I failed, but I am still trying and thinking positive!

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