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  1. Fret over things I can’t change. It makes frustration, depression and anxiety worse. I try to recognize when I’m hitting that point, and take appropriate healthy steps. I can’t change the drought we’re having, but I can be mindful of water usage. Or, I can’t change Mum’s behavior, but I can limit my exposure.

  2. Nothing, I live all of life with the same eagerness as everything in my life is a important piece of the puzzle called “ME”… 🙂

    “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.” – Michel Angelo

      1. Through a charity who is neutral and supports local. Communities or even local countries helping children who are hungry going to school for instance. But all need money and investment to practically do it.

      2. Is there any way to raise those money through a non-profit organization or something like that?

  3. Deal with people… Not because of my social anxiety but because i have the worst luck. I run into only ignorant people… They’re testing my patience i’m running out of…

      1. The store, the bank, the sidewalk, the post office, pretty much every place that can’t be avoided…
        I’ve finished high school where everyone but 7 people (5 of them being my classmates) were like that…

      1. Your brain goes into overdrive about that particular stressful situation or about unrelated topics too?

      2. Try rescheduling those thoughts. Whenever you catch yourself overthinking about unrelated topics, try telling yourself “This is not the time for these things. I’ll think about them tonight (for example). Now I need to figure out this situation.”

      3. I’ve actually been trying to do something similar to that. I started reading this self-help book (I did a current read blog on it) and I got some ideas, and also a few of my own. For example, when I feel my mind wander, I start to make a noise with my tongue to kind of say…hey you’re here now be here now. It seems to do me good now, so hopefully it sticks.

  4. Work! I spend all day writing articles that I hate for my day job…so by the time I get to the end of the day and I finally get time to work on some fiction, I’m sick to death of the act of writing.

      1. No, I’m freelance, have to write whatever the clients want. I shouldn’t complain, it pays the bills…but it’s definitely at the top of my would-like-to-do-less-of list!

  5. I need to stop second guessing myself so much…
    SN: This would be really cool if you answered your questions as well, I am always curious how you would respond 😊

    1. Thanks for your suggestion! I’ll try to be the first one that answers these questions 😀 Ok, for this, my answer is: I need to stop getting angry for situations I can do nothing about. I’ve managed to do it in some situations, but not so much in others, especially when I’m tired. It’s harder for me to control my thoughts when I’m tired.

      1. Ah, I see. Some people do become cranky when they are tired. I actually become giggly, haha! And, yay! Thanks for responding!

  6. Feeling the pain of missing someone or the anxiety that someone is missing me. But then I probably wouldn’t be motivated to be the same person I am now. There’s bad with the good sometimes.

  7. Not accepting others the way they are. I think there comes a time when you just want to leave some heavy, unnecessary baggage behind and not give importance to what others may think of you, and just follow your dreams. That requires great courage and faith in oneself!

  8. When I first read this question, my immediate thought was second guessing myself. Then, immediately after thinking that thought and strongly considering writing about that topic, I second guessed myself and figured that the thought was platitudinous.

    Second guessing myself seems to come as second nature, but only because I have allowed it to be for so long, so what is one to do when second guessing comes naturally, but you desperately want to break free from it? I think this also goes along with partially feeling a need to be externally validated, because for whatever reason, whenever another person tells me that my original idea was good, or reminds me of something that I already know or have already thought, I immediately deem it as the right answer, yet when I myself, outside of external validation, come up with a thought, I immediately doubt its validity.

    Anyone else out there stuck in this same boat? I’m only asking because I need to make sure that my thoughts are actually worthy of sharing.

    1. I’m also second guessing myself, but I try to make this my superpower. I use this when I encounter thoughts that make me feel bad. For example, if I talk to someone and that person uses a slightly high voice, my first thought might be that the person is mad at me for something. That’s when I question the validity of my own thought and I try to find alternative solutions for that situation. I try not to second guess myself when I’m about to do things that make me feel good. Also, I try not to second guess myself when I’m thinking about my strengths. Bottom line, I use this when I find myself assuming things that are not in my control and that make me feel bad. Does that make sense?

      1. That makes sense. I think I relate to that very much, but how do we discern when a situation is beneficial & strengthening ourselves or just simply feeding our ego. Ya know what I mean. I think it also has to do with how we feel about ourselves & our self esteem, but I feel like it becomes trivial & then I just opt for whatever is the consensus rather than what is actually valid & true.

      2. Yes, but that’s another issue. It’s related to our core beliefs. So this is how I do it for myself. Whenever I catch myself thinking “I’m not good enough” or “I’m weak”, I question the validity of those thoughts because the feeling of a moment does not define our self. I do this also when I find myself judging other people. I cannot be that arrogant to know what other people think and feel so I try to second guess those thoughts.

      3. I honestly don’t think it’s defined by judging others. But more or less trying to assimilate to others interpretations of myself.

      4. That we should definitely second guess. The same principle applies. They did not live our lives so they cannot make a correct judgement or assessment about us.

      1. We don’t, but we are social animals with no claws, too afraid to be alone. 😉 well most of us are…..a few others have ” made in China” claws…and a few others are simply born with sharp claws..I think I am in the no claws group..how about you?

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