43 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 121

  1. Having FUN! And not having my sister there to tell me ‘Oh Crystal be careful that’s dangerous’ or ‘I’m not going on that it looks too scary and I’m not waiting for you either now come one!’ just ruins my day lol (P.S my sister is younger than me!)

      1. I’m sure, although I wonder if maybe our brains were switched? But yeh she is my younger sister although I can say I’m much stronger than her so that’s a bonus lol 🙂

  2. Wake up without an alarm, but still fairly early. Get any chores or work done first thing. An enormous breakfast. Lots of music. And enormous lunch. Friends, family and fun all afternoon. An enormous dinner with a lover and good wine. Cheese and biscuits. More wine, maybe a brandy. Or two. A nice cigar. Cuddles in the dark.

  3. Quiet time with my pets, snuggles with my husband, watching the waves at the beach – preferably in winter so I don’t have to deal with other people. Good food. Maybe a movie? Maybe some time with my grand kids. But mostly – serenity at the helm.

  4. Well, we live no where near a beach, so not often at all. But snuggles, quiet time, and movies at home with good food? As often as possible. Same with spending time with the grandkids.

  5. Choice #1: Watching the ocean or lake waves wax and wane, while drinking wine.
    Choice #2 ( too close to #1 to call) taking the grandkids to a movie, complete with popcorn and coca-cola.
    Choice #3: Bursting with energy, hope and joy while knocking out that long to do list.

      1. Absolutely none. Ha! I’m dreaming of a perfect day in that great beyond of some day soon I’ll enjoy all the above. I live miles and miles from the ocean, grandkids are unavailable (in that stage where family fades away and friends are the most important to them) and I fight daily for energy to get things done. Thanks for asking. You? What’s your ideal day look like?

      2. For me an ideal day looks like this: I wake up as early as possible so I can have enough time to do things. I start with reading comments for my blog while drinking my coffee. I eat my breakfast with my wife and we go to the beach for watching the waves whilst we talk about anything. I need to have my laptop so I can write something. Anything. Things that can help me and other people. An ideal day for me is a day where I and the people around me don’t get angry or frustrated for minor things.

  6. Sleep in
    Drink cappuccino
    Veronica Mars marathon or reading the Hunger games trilogy
    Pizza and pepsi
    Play with my cat
    Go to bed latet (sunrise)

    That’s it

    1. YES! We often change our desires so we often change our ideal life. I believe we need to think about this daily. Awesome insight!

  7. Ooo I love this one! okay so, wake up when I like so no alarm set. Then I’d have a tasty breakfast. Maybe pancakes or a full English or something like that. Then I go to the beach and walk on the sand and reconnect with the world. After that I’d like to go see my fur babies (because they’re too cute for their own good) and go home, get a blanket and watch some of my favourite films! I don’t need much to feel content clearly 🙂 I should probably mention I’d prefer to do all these things with my husband <3 he's the best company 🙂

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