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      1. I am not an orakel and it’s easier to know more than favorite dish, but let me try:
        You like to have something which can easily still your hunger beside meals. Bananas are great to take out with you, so I suppose you like to be on the road or traveling to somewhere. People who love bananas are very social. They can easily connect with others, but they have certain standards they hold on! You don’t need a lot of extra stuff- and can easily be satisfied. Do you like them green, yellow or brown?! Tell me please if that fits to you or not 😉

      2. Actually, I love being alone. Also, I’m not that social, but I can connect easily with other people. The problem (or not) is that I’m very picky about the people I choose to connect with because I realize how important my environment is for me to grow so I choose my environment wisely.

  1. I always ask about books, What’s your favorite book from childhood? What’s your favorite book as an adult? (Do they differ?) What are you currently reading? Please tell me some of your most beloved book characters.
    For me, that’s an excellent way to learn about someone.

  2. If you had to choose only one,
    dog or cat?

    Or if you’re allergic to fur or whatever: snake or fish or bird or any other animal i can’t think of right now ?

      1. Dogs need an owner. Someone to take care of them, someone to obey, they live to please their hoomans. A dog person want a dog to have a friend (men’s best friend) and they are usually more extroverted and energetic, wake up sooner,… I know a very artistic dog person so i won’t say they aren’t creative. I think dog persons want some kind of control or something… Idk.
        Dog person-optimists

        Cats are independent, they don’t need anyone to take care of them. They choose to stay with their owners because they genuinely like them. Cat people are more like introverted and open minded i think. Most likely to be a nigh owl, and an artist of some kind. But i do know a very logical cat person who i would mostly certainly not describe as creative. They show affection in very subtle lovable ways. Dogs just jump up and down and lick you and are just obnoxious. In my opinion.
        Cat person-realist

        Though It depends on the breed of the dog/cat.
        Main Coon cats are dog like and shetland sheepdogs are cat like (but i have heard of a husky being raised by cats and she’s very cat-like because of that)
        Amd also pets and owners have similar characteristics and usually are very similar in appearance also.

        Sorry if i wrote too much or very mixed up, i try writing organized and hold on to one topic at a time but it doesn’t always work out.

        Obviously i’m a cat person.

      1. It depends on the person…
        If I were to answer it, I would say upon first impression people often think I’m younger than I am. I also look more innocent than I am, in shocks people when I tell a dirty joke or curse when I’m angry. Lol.

  3. My favorite question is “Do you believe in luck?”.
    If you do, it generally means that you believe in something bigger than yourself. Not necessarily religion but something like an order to the universe.
    If you don’t, to me that means that you see randomness. I see patterns. It might mean that we will butt heads or it could mean that we’ll click in an opposites attract kind of way.
    How you answer the question: tone, inflection, etc gives me just as much information.

  4. What’s your biggest passion?

    Usually far more telling than what someone does for a living or what hobbies they have.

    Either that or – where would you like your ashes to be scattered…

      1. Plenty, including myself – it’s sometimes the questions people can’t answer that get the best responses – we kind of stumble about and umm and ahh and pluck random things out of the air. Well, I do – but then I’m a terrible conversationalist…

  5. I find the comments interesting. Everyone would ask “what is your favorite___” Wouldn’t it be more interesting to ask “What do you hate the most” “What is your least favorite” etc. If you ask someone for a positive you usually get a one word answer, end of conversation. But if you ask them a negative then not only do you get an answer but people tend to expound/expand on why, and then go on to compare it to the positive. So without any follow-up questions from you, you’ve learned quite a bit about the person.

    1. Yes, I agree with that, but since people love to talk about things, maybe we can and should change that. It strengthens the negative mindset which I believe it’s not helpful in long term.

      1. I would go on a beach and try to write as much as I can the best I can from the lessons I’ve learned so far. Maybe someone would see something that would help improve the life that person has.

      2. Oh goodness! That’s too beautiful. That seems even more beautiful after reading a book which i was rn.. lol.. just ended. “Tuesdays with morrie” 😅

      3. You are too beautiful! 😃 Seriously. I call people amazing , kind , but you are too beautiful! 😊
        Have a good day dear friend! ✌😝

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