33 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 118

  1. Husband – terrific support and compassion.
    Grandson – brings me so much joy and opportunity to appreciate his curiosity.
    Sister – nothing holds her back. Ever.
    Bestie – she’s come back from the pit of despair and sees her values and strengths, without shame.
    My counselor – who has done more to help me become the strong woman I should be, even when i feel like hell.

  2. Mom – a genuinely good person, one in a million.
    Cat – being a cat
    Best friend – encourages me to go out. Minus the mental illnesses she’s just as messed up as i am 🙂
    Dad – he’s testing my patience being as ignorant as he could be. I’m very patient and calm while being provoked so… He’s still an idiot
    Former friend – Smartest dumb person i know. She expected me to be the same kid with concield depression and obvious social anxiety interpreted as shyness’ as i was 10 years ago.

  3. My Dad motivates me and inspires me. I work with someone who runs a cleaning company and I would not want to clean for anyone else because she is understanding with her workers and gets all her workers $15 /hour. I don’t know how she does all the HR with all her clients and how she schedules everything, and she is a person that is honestly interested in what people say and has interesting stories. My boyfriend has coached me on getting better at driving, understands people… sometimes too well, makes me eat my vegetables, and brings my socks. My Cousin whose in his sixties throws festivals, runs a campsite, builds furniture, is an artist, and his productivity proves to me that I should be able to do more. A stranger that makes me think too much because I can’t understand…

    1. It seems that you have some great people to learn from. When you say “stranger”, are you referring to someone specific or it can be anyone that does this?

  4. Father- the reason I can get out and speak my mind
    Mom- the reason why I’m skittish about trusting enough to keep people close

    Sadly no other person to think of. I don’t think book characters will make up for it?

  5. My previous supervisor. Marytb because she is such an influencer. My mom because she had been through so much and she still perseveres, even through massive amounts of pain. My employers because they live what they believe, my partner because he is honest with his realities and shows no pretentions. What you see is what you get. Finally my kids because they are doing what it takes to make something of themselves against many odds , but they are doing anyway.

  6. Hey nice post!

    My mom! She is my best friend and biggest role model. She lives a fulfilled life, runs her own company and is all up to good vibes. Sounds simple, but to me thats all I want from life.

    My granddad! He taught me how to handle money and delivered me a mindset of ‘invest in yourself’. Another great role model!

    My 2 or 3 other really good friends! Encourage me, inspire me, but most importantly, are really honest. They don’t hesitate to tell me when I’m doing something wrong, but also don’t wait a second to tell me how good of a person I am (not trying to sound cocky!).

    Nice question! Keep it up! 🙂

    1. Thank you! It sounds like you’re surrounded with great people! I’m sure you have a great influence on them as well.

  7. 1) The women in my dad’s side. They never got tired reminding me to be independent so I can enjoy my hard earned money.
    2) My college professor – she reminded the class to never be dependent on a man for finances while we were discussing about domestic abuse and reasons why women latch on their abusive husbands/boyfriends
    3) My boss from my 4th job – her patience and faith that I can do better made me more confident to face the world. Whenever I think about it, I am reminded that once upon a time, someone trully believed that I can help her team.
    4) My longtime boyfriend – he never expects anything in return when he helps. His altruism inspires me to be a better person
    5) My childhood schoolmate turned closed friend – her determination to live alone in a big city made me feel that I can also do it. She was adopted and an only child and used to be very dependent and spoiled. When her adoptive perents separated and moved to another vountry, she lived alone and moved out of our himetown. It was brave of her to do that. She inspires me.

  8. My sponsor in another state. She keeps me questioning why I do the things I do and reminds me that I don’t have to live in the past.
    My friend in another state. He reminds me that I don’t have to be perfect.
    I can’t think of any other people right now. I’m working on expanding my friend list.

    1. It seems that the two people you have around (even though they are not physically there) can have a great influence. I hope you’ll find more people like them.

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