35 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 114

  1. The religion I was raised in in its entirety. When I was young, you couldn’t tell me it wasn’t true because it never occurred to me to think any other way. But now, I see it as a system of control.

      1. Was raised a Jehovah’s Witness but haven’t been active for over ten years

      2. How come you haven’t been active? What is your view about this religion or about religion in general?

  2. When I was a kid I believed that my parents knew everything. If they said something was true, then it was true. I also used to believe teachers were very prim and proper and I remember driving by one and saw her smoking and I was like, “Teacher’s aren’t supposed to do that!” I had this idea of what they were, but obviously it didn’t match the truth because they are just people after all. Same with church but the opposite. Those people are great SMH, NO, no, they aren’t, or at least not the ones I knew.

    1. I also believed my parents new everything. Actually, that’s what children think. When I realized this is wrong, I’ve started to search the answers by myself and I become very skeptical about everything.

  3. As Brenda says above, I am sure there were many, but one tgat stands out was a woman’s place is in the home. Yes, I’m that old! . Fortunately, after. years of hearing this, I realised it was wrong.
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    1. My pleasure! Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts! How old were you when you realized it was a wrong?

    1. I find that sometimes as well. Sometimes I’m stuck with the wrong version so much that I don’t want to accept the real one :))

      1. It has been a mix of schooling, faith, and also the realization that we tend to misread others often, and this causes us to really miss out on getting to know great people/friends.

      2. I totally agree. That’s why I think we shouldn’t stop at the first thought that comes through our mind.

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