38 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 112

  1. Oh, darn, do I have to? I’m thinking of upgrading some of my photography equipment in this moment. Don’t want to give that up.

    But, it does raise an interesting question; we currently have a cabin that we’re thinking of converting to a full time residence. It is a nice place but relatively simple compared with our home, which we would sell. Part of that process, I think, is going to be reducing expectations about the fancy decor, etc. Keep it simple, don’t consume too much, and prioritize mostly what we have to do to survive a Canadian winter in a remote area.

      1. Hey, thanks. 🙂 There’s a window of opportunity coming when the kids leave home. We live in a bedroom community right now – a great place to raise kids, but we’re thinking about possibilities. And living in the woods by a lake, being closer to nature and living with the cycle of the forest and lake through the seasons is very attractive. And so is keeping it simple and woodsy.

  2. The dream of a home that we own, with an ocean view. It’s not going to happen anyplace we can afford to, or want to live. That’s OK – we have a roof now, and that’s the big thing. Also – no more clothes… I have tons of clothes, I just need to lose the weight to wear them.

      1. Sad, that the dream ends or changes. Curious as to what’s next. As far as the clothing, I feel angry. But it’s move my butt or shut up time.

  3. I chase things I feel like I would like my kids to have. All the “in-style” things. I don’t raise them that way, but as a mom who was bullied as kid for not having the latest and greatest, I worry for them.

    1. I understand. It was a tough environment for you and you try to spare your kids from the suffering you’ve been through.

  4. Cat toys. My cat only likes one mouse and he’s already got two of the same in case he destroys one. Not buying any more of those feathered toys anymore

    And i just can’t not buy books. The library ones stink and i can’t stop to think if someone sneezed in it…

    1. I know you want the best for your cat, but he cannot play with more toys at the same time. Oh, and books are so addictive… I wouldn’t consider them “material things” because they have so much knowledge.

  5. I’m thinking about not chasing men anymore, but I don’t think that’s quite what you’re asking for… 😏

    1. I wouldn’t say it has no value, but we give it too much value and power over our lives and we should stop chasing it.

  6. I stopped chasing material awhile ago as I found out material doesn’t bring more happiness and I realized we don;t really own anything in this world, we are stewards at most.

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