62 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 111

  1. I don’t think there’s a single thing. You can must have a goal, be flexible when you need to be, firm when you don’t, and look for opportunities. Hopefully that last isn’t taking advantage of other people for your own well being.

    Maybe it comes down to believing you deserve to be your own dream?

    1. Very interesting approach and yes, I also think that believing you deserve to be your own dream can trigger some of the others. And maybe it’s not even about deserving… it might be more about fighting for your dream.

      1. Not Failure – just a Lesson.
        For example, Wodehouse used editors refusals as wallpaper. He said they are very inspiring.
        May be down never out. Just Fight.

      2. Failure doesn’t not necessarily means out. In this context, I think failure refers to things not going as planned.

  2. They don’t give up. What is that saying? You aren’t a failure unless you quit or something like that. Some of the most successful people ever started from nothing, started to build, had the bottom drop out, and while this is where most would stop they got back up, they didn’t quit.

    1. I guess so. Once you’re “used to” fail, you don’t have that fear anymore, or at least it’s not that powerful anymore.

    1. Yes, they do! Warren Buffet reads 500 pages per day now and he apparently slowed down to this number because of his age.

  3. I think I read something about like the top 7 things successful people do and the only thing I can remember is that they take time to unplug on Sunday. They put their phones away and spend time with their families or loved ones or spend time doing things they love. This is suppose to help clear the mind.

    1. There even are some studies about the fact that taking some time off after periods of high concentration can improve the problem solving process. apparently, even if we’re not thinking about something consciously, our subconscious will continue to analyze the data to give results.

      1. Successful people I believe have good work ethic, the are natural leaders. Failure is ok, the get back up and work on it whatever it may be until the get it right. Truly successful people have found a way to earn money doing what they love

      1. Ah, that is too much at this hour. I woke at five and thoughts of the direction of my book have taken over… For me, success has no relation to material objects.

      2. Feeling good about the kind of person I am, what I am able to do to help others along the way. I am not driven by the material world.

  4. They build their success by doing something they admire. Successful people are in most cases burning for what they do. If not it can’t be a longterm success. Their values does fit into their work and therefore everything seems working smoothly. It’s like they are addicted to a higher goal. They always are able to change and assimilate if its necessary. Success does not appear over night. It’s a process of passion and power of endurance

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