57 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 108

      1. It’s a very long story,most of which I believe was beat into me because of my first choice of husband, who turned out to be not a very nice husband or father, It was my choice to stay with him thinking my kids would struggle because we would be alone. I would be a failure at something. When I finally did manage to get the strength to take off, we all had to start over, again my choice which was a tough 3 years. that is just the beginning of it. I have developed a feeling that my failures are the reason I deserve the next bad thing to unfold.

      2. It is a long argument to make here, but the short version is that you made the best choices you thought at that time. You didn’t know what you know now so I donโ€™t think it would be fair to blame yourself for your choices.

      3. Yes, of course. But having daily insights about it might help you by easing the problem.

      4. That is also true. I am working on dealing with positive thinking with my therapist. Hoping it will help.

      1. Jumping a 10 foot chasm and breaking my right foot. Then doing it again a couple of years later, breaking my left foot. Committed, but didn’t learn anything.

      1. I know not the germination of the meme, but that no time can I recall before its infestation. It’s always been a voice in my head, sometimes whispering, sometimes screaming.

      2. That must be tough. Have you grew up with this voice? Did people around you made you feel worthless?

      1. That must be very tough. We suffer the most when the people we care about break our expectations.

  1. That I am defined by my cash value. I remind myself that being kind, caring for animals, and listening have a value that money does not.

    1. I suggest thinking about money as you think about food. I don’t think you are defined by the food you have in the fridge.

  2. Negative thoughts are to be transformed, not “destroyed.” To me “destroy” is a violent word and violence leads to more violence. The violence of judging what is “in our head.” Good response, once we recognize we are having negative thoughts and take the time to respond rather that react. This is what meditation teaches up. And contemplating stuff in a blog.

    1. In my opinion, ideas are not the same thing with thoughts. An idea is made by more thoughts put together. For example, I might have an idea of how I could rob a bank and multiple thoughts can come in to find ways to make that idea stronger. I think this is a bad idea that does not need to exist so I think it should be destroyed. And yes, it is a violent word, but violence also involves strength which is something we need. It’s a tough world and I believe we need to be strong, especially mentally.

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