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  1. It’s my husband’s impatience and his anger issues. (He’s not cruel to me; that’s not what I’m saying.) I believe the best way to deal with this is to be patient with him, to speak gently when I remind him to calm down, and to pray for him.

      1. Does he work out? Working out can help with eliminating some tension. Also, maybe could you try directing him to write down the things that makes him angry in that moment and tearing that piece of paper into millions of pieces?

      1. Not often enough. I’m considering taking a day out of the week and every week make it an electronics free day. Read, write, walk, anything but the use of electronics.

  2. I’m pretty sure there isn’tmuch negativity around me. Inside of me though there’s tons. I sitll need to give your previous question some thought.

  3. It would be my husbands depression to deal with along with my own. we both have therapist but he feels the need to tell me everything. he is a talker, maybe that what depressed talkers do. Me i prefer not to tell my inner thoughts to him. i guess i will have to put my foot down and tell him i cant deal with both our depressions.

    1. I think you have to do it if it doesn’t help any of you, but try doing it in an emphatic assertive way because it’s no one’s fault.

      1. ooh i know, i have talked to my therapist about it. he said it is difficult when both spouses have depression, I am slowly trying to ween his need to talk to me about his depression. it will be a long process.

  4. gosh there’s so many things I’m noticing right now in particular, the timing of this question was perfect. PATRIACHY definitely a major one, the way society (in every place) is and has been trying to CONTROL human thinking and living. The solution? Well I’m tryng to think differently, be more open minded and share my explorations

      1. So thinking differently (with an open mind) has first of all began to let me see many things that i would have never seen before (both bad and good), and have deeper perspective in scenarios that arent just surface level. I really feel I’m begging to let myself be my true self with less and less fear. And well sharing the “journey” im on is helping people look in different ways too (family and friends) and it feels crazy (in a good way) that i even have impact

  5. Oh man, this was hard to answer. I literally sat here staring at my phone for about 10 mins before I actually started to write anything.
    I would say the most negative thing that I had to get to rid of was my ex boyfriend; I loved him immensely. However, with the passing of time, I’ve come to realize that breaking up was the best thing to do for both of us. We were toxic together. We still love each other and want the best for each other but I dont think there will ever be a day when we can actually be togerher again.
    The best way I’ve been able to deal with this breakup, has been taking the time to do the things that bring me joy. I’m writing again, I’m on stage acting again, I have a dog now and I don’t have to watch murder documentaries all the time. Please, I do a lot of praying. Praying and therapy.

    1. I think it needs lots of courage to do what you did and I respect you so much for doing it! How do you feel since you got out from that relationship?

  6. Negative thinking. And being around people with negative thoughts. I believe this true for everybody. Life has many stressors that we often times cannot control, however one thing we can control is practicing positive thinking. Lately, I have been quite stressed about decisions in the past that is affecting me today. But I can’t undo what has been done. So now I choose to be positive. Be present. And be happy with what I have.

  7. Mum – and I keep the calls to 30 minutes while watching calming (muted) YouTube vids. Because otherwise, I just get too drained.

      1. Oh, there’s always financial issues that she brought on herself; the unfairness of being “thrown out” of her “calling” at the snooty church she likes, family drama, complete with trying to get other people involved and her own lack of willingness to do anything to improve her depression or situation. Basically, the calls are hellish 98% of the time.

  8. Which is why I have time limits, other visual stimuli and cats, Because we’d hit a point where she was talking at me for 5 or more hours a week. I’m not a therapist.

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