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    1. Yes, plenty. Mostly about things I didn’t do. For the things I did, I mostly feel awkward when reminding them, but they all made me the person whom I am today.

      1. It took me a while to really say I have no regrets. I sometimes feel bad about stuff that has been done or said that shouldn’t have, but no real regrets you know?

    1. This is a tough one. I’m really good at modeling wood. I’ve made some medallions from small pieces of wood and they turned out great!

      1. I never heard of Bad Wolves till just now, but it is a nice cover. Zombie used to be one of my favorite songs. It seems like my favorite artists have all passed away recently. It’s sad but at the same time for others to step up and take the stage the older stars have to burn out so the new ones can shine.

    1. I don’t know what to say about the big heart thing, but since I was/am an introvert, my whole life I used to shut the f*ck up and listen to everything. I noticed what people say and I sometimes took some time to think about that and I discovered that there are some things people always talk about: money, jobs, families, other people, random things and so on. Because of this, I started to ask questions that can give answers to the topics above. Since those things are pretty much the same from a person to another, I started to ask deeper questions to get to know people better and at that point I realized how different people are. Probably this is making people feel in a certain way and probably that’s why I’m “labeled” as a good listener. So it’s not a certain point, it’s more like a “work in progress”.

      1. Well your humble nature in all things that have made a noticed presence in your life , I wrote a lot of posts today and found my real emotions are unique to an average person. I am some what perplexed by your modest approach and have found it delightful to talk to you with my abstract mind. You understand me more than I have allowed anyone to reach so this is a mile stone for both of us. Maybe if you can read some of my posts because I believe you will find comfort in my craziness
        Your a blessing to the world and I am grateful I have your attention

      2. Thank you! I try to get better so I can help better. I know I did mistakes and I’ll probably do more among the way, but I’m learning 🙂

    1. I would say that this moment is called: “The one where I’m opening my eyes”. If I have to describe my whole life so far, I would say: “A path full with curves, ups and downs, mountains and seas that challenged me every step of the way.”

    1. I believe that we can have better lives if we get to know ourselves better and to know ourselves better, we need to question what we think we know and what we don’t know that we know. Since in theory it seems pretty straight forward, we might not know where to start. Since I started to question myself and I got to pretty interesting answers, I decided to share that because it might help other people. And it’s also a challenge to find interesting questions and the answers I get are always awesome!

      1. Cool. I like it.
        My “can’t sleep” time always seems to correspond with your blog response time. Lol.

      2. I’m in the US. East coast. I think we’re in completely different time zones. I just can’t seem to sleep.
        Also, that’s cool. I’ve never been anywhere near Romania.

    1. I try to understand what’s the root cause of those moods. What upsets me and what does that mean. In the same time, I try to surround myself with positive things like my wife, a good book, writing some new posts for this blog, watching some interesting youtube videos.

    1. If I tell you, it wouldn’t be a secret :)) I think that my deepest darkest secret is that I’m always afraid of something so I constantly face my fears and I try to find ways to lift myself above those fears.

    1. I believe that we all need to question ourselves to have better lives so this motivates me to go forward even if I don’t want to. Sometimes I sit an hour on a chair looking through my window to find one question. There are also times when I find three questions in five minutes. As sources, there might be something from a book or from a video or from a movie or from something I’ve heard in other people’s conversations and so on.

    1. I believe we need to know ourselves better to have better lives. I think that we can achieve that by asking ourselves questions and sometimes we cannot find them. I try to help the process 🙂

    1. I don’t have any memories about any other lives (if you talk about reincarnation) and I don’t spend any time thinking about what happens after this life, but I do believe that we’re living one life at a time so that’s what I’m concentrating on.

    1. I don’t spend too much time thinking about afterlife because I believe it’s more important what we’re doing in this life. I’m born as a Christian so I’m used to what hell and heaven mean. The conclusion is that what we’re doing in this life is influencing our afterlife (if we have one).

  1. Do you believe that talking to someone who has as nothing in connection with you, like a therapist is part of the answer in dealing or overcoming mental issues you may have or using your support system such as family and friends as way to heal?

    1. Very interesting question. I believe talking to a therapist can be seen differently than talking to a random person because a therapist is trained to guide you to find yourself the answers you need, while a random person can express biased opinions. In the same time, family and friends can offer support, but in their desire to make you better, they may use ways that can bring create more damage instead of creating some healing environment. I believe that friends and family can help with the guidance, but the main plan should be made by someone who knows wtf he/she is talking about.

      1. That is my thoughts as well, some of my family members although they love and care about me do not understand depression and the struggles that go along with it. You can not try and make someone who doesn’t believe and believer, so i take their love and keep my thoughts for the therapist.

    1. For me, “Knowledge is power” means that we can get better through knowledge. But for me, the best piece of knowledge is the realization that I know nothing and that I’m wrong very often. Because this knowing that I know nothing opened so many doors to places I can explore so I can have a better understanding. I stop stopping at the first thought I have because now I assume is wrong so I’m searching for additional information so I can have a more complete image. I like to see this as a puzzle. I cannot see the whole puzzle if I have only one piece. The more pieces I have, the closer I get to the actual image of that puzzle. For me, Knowledge is power over myself.

    1. I’ve learned that no matter how small or big I believe a issue can be, it is seen different by the person who experiences it. This is one of the reasons I’m more interested in listening and observing other people than expressing one sided ideas.

    1. Interesting question! It differs from a day to another. Sometimes I have some strange dreams and my first thought is “What the f*ck did I just dream?”. If I stay up too late (which I usually do), my first thought is that I can’t wait to get to work so I can make myself a cup of coffee and to read the comments you guys leave. In other days my first thought is “I have to feed the cats!” 🙂

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