96 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 95

  1. When I get sad I like to take a salt bath because it calms me down and helps me relax. I like to put on music that makes me smile and shifts my thinking and if neither of those things work I write in my gratitude journal and remind myself that I am blessed.

  2. 1. Make more use of my fan (I bought one to help me get through this heat wave. It sure does improve my mood!)
    2. Snack more healthily. Maybe I can’t do my regular workouts due to the heat, but it doesn’t mean I can slack off. Snacking makes me feel unhappy afterwards, but not so much when I snack healthy!
    3. Instead of focusing on things going wrong, I want to focus on things going right.

  3. Waking up healthy is a great start . No really I try to find the humor in situations\life and laugh. I look or think about someone less fortunate. That keeps the focus from myself and on helping someone each day which always makes me feel better. Find something to be passionate about each day and do it.

  4. Exercise – even some simple stretches – can make a big difference and give me positive energy. Also singing helps. (Singing is a form of light exercise.) Both of these are things I could do more regularly. Lately, I’ve cut back on my Facebook time, but still looking more at positive and/or humorous Facebook pages. Thanks for asking to reinforce the exercise. I think I’ll stretch right now!

  5. 1. Read a devotional.
    2. Exercise a little.
    3. Eat healthy foods.
    Those three things boost my mood every single day. I believe there’s no more best way to improve your mood but to start your day right.

  6. Meditation, soaking in a pink sea salt bath, and aromatherapy. Preferably all at once in the dark or in candlelight. I can’t even get stressed after that.

  7. not much as it is individual to a persons taste and goals , one step for you is me sleeping so the broad idea of this question is simple but the abstract aspect is more defined than a generic answer and its more fun

      1. I find attachments aren’t always a human sitting beside you it’s the focus of support that something offers and accepts and appreciates you as you maybe because words are not judged as harshly as humans face to face

      2. okay another question , If the focus on life is achievements than why is the precious resource of education beyond everyone who denies the grinding of actually having to ground yourself and improve your learnt skills is that not a starting point?

      3. Fear of failing and judgment stops us from starting in the first place. If that achievement is seen as an ideal and not achievable, people don’t even start.

      4. Is it selfless? Maybe some of our intentions are selfless, but I think the outcome is never selfless since it always brings something back. Even the lack of outcome is a sort of outcome that comes from that action. We might think that we are selfless and we do things for other people without thinking about ourselves, but since our actions makes someone feel good which makes us feel good, we might become addicted to that feeling even if we don’t know it. At the same time it’s selfless and not so much maybe.

  8. That is a good answer and makes the point valid that humans are flawless and flawed , but the spectrum of focus is misdirected to a conclusion not a decision, maybe in terms of the slow movements of satisfying the societal required points of achievements but self less is seen through religious and giving more to get less in life by the words of a book. The top of a thought is addicted to selfless conflicts that burden most with a lost memory themselves.
    So in repeating the process is it not a drop of blood that is the most selfless or the creation of a life that will morn and replace you, our actions are auto and our thoughts lack selfish substance which created the whole idea of man in the first place.

      1. depends on the action we under take to become free from the chains of morality and the timeless travel of sharing even when we are silent , courage and being brave by standing alone with a heart ready to grow wings is that not a foundation instead of being darling and sweet

      2. But then again, what’s the purpose to observe those movements? To get better today than yesterday? If so, what’s the point of getting better if not to have a better life?

      3. How would you define it , for me it’s the process of the internal selves and how I continue the gravity of humanity and it’s liking of structure of thinning happiness and lifting ones mind to other levels which are safe from reality

      4. I think that “balance” is the best term. It express the idea that it’s not tilted to either direction, whatever that direction might be, but having a balanced life is first of all for ourselves (we are ok) and what we do with it goes second. That’s why I think it’s not selfless.

      5. I found it! Thank you so much! You help me get better with your questions as well! 🙂

      6. It depends from a person to another based on their life experience and their surroundings.

      7. okay , so do you think that the broad aspect of relationships is part of a spectrum covered by experiences of people or persons , due to many issues surrounding pressure from different angles

      8. I wouldn’t say surrounding pressures, but I believe that our surroundings combined to our personality which has been created by our experiences, create our responses. If we’re always surrounded with negative people and situations and we do have a negative mindset, we’ll have negative responses to almost whatever we encounter.

      9. True so in a sense your referring to a butterfly affect that goes backwards , the giving is an anti version of choice and we are bound to its ignorance in nature without knowing , does that sound correct

  9. fear being the years we have escaped by having falling tears in many ways we gain our sorrow to learn , but in case of sensitive complexed complications within a tornado that lives in each of us making a path not of destruction but music to listen to as we walk towards bigger things when other things fall away from you.

  10. I improve my mood by: Taking a walk to get air and clear my thoughts. 2 Listen to upbeat uplifting music. 3 Get energy healing, reiki, and massages frequently.

      1. Do it only if you want to. I’m always curious about these kind of things so feel free to share whatever you want whenever you want 😀

  11. 1. Have a cup of coffee
    2. Read something enriching
    3. Reach out to a friend with the intent of having even just a short conversation.

      1. Well maybe more than one XD
        HM, I recently read an article outlining what it means to be a mother in an age where “helicopter” parenting is perceived as safer and “free range” children are seen as being endangered. I’d like to have children in the next few years so I found the article really interesting and it made me think a lot about parenthood in general. I classify anything that gives me something substantial to think about as “enriching” ^^

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