43 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 93

      1. I’ve told to myself that I cannot do things… that I don’t have enough strength. I’ve told to myself that successful people are so much better than me that I would never be at the same level, but once I’ve started to learn things, I got confident and now I think I can do whatever I want if I work hard enough and if I learn as much as I can without stopping.

      2. I can relate to this so much because I’ve been in the same situation and I used to and maybe I still do doubt my abilities but starting this blog was the first step I took towards believing in myself and my dreams. This year is very important for me because it has changed my life in a way I never expected and I’ve never been this happier.

      3. I removed some toxic people from my life and realised who my true friends are. I realised what my dreams truly are and I’ve actually started believing in them.
        When things changed so rapidly around me I started doubting myself and my dreams. There were so many fears in my heart and some are still there but I faced them one by one and now I don’t let any of them hold me down.
        Also, I passed my 10th grade with really good marks which is very important for me🖤🖤

  1. I lied 🤥 to the priest during confession. I had no sins (I was 11 years old with strict parents) and I lied. I told him I didn’t do my homework 📚 and didn’t listen 👂 to my parents. Total lie. But I’m cool 😎 with it.

      1. I usually balance the outcome from telling that truth with not telling it. If telling the truth would make no difference but creating useless anxiety, I prefer to bypass that…

  2. During show and tell, I told everyone in my class that I owned a tiger and I would ride it in my backyard. My class believed me but my teacher gave me detention for lying.

  3. I honestly feel like I’m telling a lie to everyone right now. I always say I’m fine and that I’m better but honestly, I’ve just been getting worse. I hate faking a smile everyday.

      1. I guess since I told my parents about how my eating has been really bad and they didn’t really seem to get how much it’s effecting me. And after I told them I felt like my eating wasn’t even a problem anymore and it just stopped. I just miss the control I had.

      1. It is!!! And sometimes I mentally slap myself for it. Because its okay to be helpless sometimes let others know that!!!

  4. Well, Im shocked you all left the very additional finest
    one for me.? Daddy said with a teasing smile. ?It?s that
    he sent Jesus to die for us and give us life perpetually and ever and that due to
    that we are going to be a household in heaven for tens of
    millions of years. That?s ρretty good isnt it?

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