36 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 88

  1. “When going through hell, keep going” Winston Churchill
    Basic pep talk…. “You know this needs to be done. It’s going to be difficult and painful and make you feel things you don’t want to. But when you DO get through, those things won’t matter.”

      1. when you only care about the action and not
        the fruits of it whether good or bad. I say this to myself in wake of any difficult work and this just lifts up burden of any kind. Its not the thought of action which is bothersome but the consequences when you just stop caring about it….
        ” Do your action sincerely and lets not bother about it’s rewards”

  2. I tell myself I can do it, that nothing that is worth having or achieving comes without effort. And that if I still fail, at least I’d have given it my all.

  3. I haven’t really told myself anything. I found that words wouldn’t help me. I would pray and ask for strength, but then if I felt I had to do something I would just go. I found that if I sat and thought about it or waited I was incapable of action so when I needed to go I started moving. My brain would still try to talk me out and my heart would pound, but if I put one foot in front of the other then the doubt couldn’t stop me.

  4. Just concern yourself with the next hour. Live through this next hour however you have to. Everything else beyond the next hour can wait.

  5. When all else fails, I acknowledge the simple things. Every morning my boss greets me by saying “Hello Ms. Lauren, how are you?” My response is usually something simplistic, real, yet slightly comedic, ‘Well I showered!’ You see when your like myself, and battling severe depression and anxiety you come to realize the small victories are all that matters. If nothing else, I got up and made an effort to provide self-care, as well as general regard for my coworkers and students. At a bare minimum I try to make sure that I clean myself of yesterday’s woes and start each day fresh and new… A clean body, a clean mind, a clean slate. There is no need for me to over indulge in the losses of my past but to relish in the victories I’ve yet to experience today. Nothing is impossible, including the ability to start and finish the day without over thinking, or allowing your state of mind to take full control over your outward and inner self.

    1. Living each day as a new beginning can be a great way to maintain a balanced mindset. Each day is Day 1!

      1. Awesome dream! As long as you work hard and never give up, I’m sure you’ll get there!

  6. I remind myself where I have been and where I am trying to go. I think about my motivators and my dreams. I know how many obstacles I have gotten over and gotten through, and I know one more won’t break me.

    1. That is a great way to get over obstacles. Remembering yourself where you’re going and what have you faced so far can give a boost of confidence and energy.

  7. I just look at the nearest future. Once I see something positive I’m pushed to take a step or two towards that positivity.
    Sometimes, I give myself a pep talk…

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