51 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 85

  1. “Motivation”
    I always motivate my friends and the people i know.
    They really appreciate me.
    I think that I’m a good adviser and a good motivator..
    So yeah i want to be a expert in Motivation.
    Bcz today every person need motivation.👌✨

      1. I speak italian, my mother language, english and russian fluently and spanish and french in an elementary way I’d say. I’d love to learn arabic and farsi 😊

  2. I’d like to be an expert at picking lottery numbers…lol. But really, I wish I was better at oil painting so I could become an artist. Or write a book, either would be great!

    1. Art is a place where there are never enough experts. Have you started developing your skills in a related area?

      1. By elimination of unwanted or vulnerable actions not people or presence , the versatility of change through means of good and evil would have to become neutral and make each person responsible for their output of emotions

      2. That would mean for people to take control of their own emotions. I think it can be hard, but doable.

  3. Oooh cool question. Im really interested in mental health, I guess ideally Id like to be an expert in curing mental illness.

  4. I wanna be expert in time management. I want to do many things. Other things can be improved.. we can get better in them. Only if i am able to manage my time.

    So wanna be expert in time management 😊

    1. Oh yes, this can be a game changer! I’ve read about the fact that we should start our day with a list with all the things we need to do in that day and the first ones should be the most important things needed to be done. Have you tried this? Does it work for you?

      1. Yes. I always do. And the days go really productive if we ain’t distracted by anything and have a fixed mind! In the end of the day we fall in love with the smell of success! ❤✨😀

  5. I’d like to be a mental health expert to help people feel better. It’s cool to see that a couple of other people have said similar things in this post’s comments.

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