63 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 80

      1. If you see beautiful things through the freedom of your mind, it means that you might have a mindset orientated towards seeing beauty in everything.

      2. By chance is the fate we accept by universe , karma or behaviour but gain little in knowledge by not listening
        Paying attention is merely a brain function we get from school years
        The developed skills lay on us as adults rather than our parents responsibility
        Our choice is our freedom but is our freedom our choice

      3. Yes, that’s why I said that after a while (after we are not in our parents responsibility).

      4. So true , in abstract of lines and structures we balance our minds on many aspects not just generic society based ideals of our life and chosen paths
        We are our own product yes but made up of stories that are actually not spoken about and balanced in ways which has minority of people just observing like I do

      5. All points are valid in modern times with so many views and additional aspects
        I am a lover of intense conversation but find creative ways of writing are always different to the actual words we express
        So for me it is a challenge to have conversations that involve creative intelligentsia rather than life chats

  1. I painted my own version of a painting I have been wanting to purchase but haven’t been able to. It turned out great! I think I’m also going to add some more to it 😁

      1. It seems awesome! I wish you all the power and energy to get wherever you want with this! Passion and perseverance are key factors!

  2. Today’s accomplishment was ensuring that I expressed my feelings of hurt and frustration in response to a friend’s behaviour, without blame or criticism, just owning my shit and saying this is how I feel. Ive been passive/aggressive all my life so being authentic isn’t easy for me, but today I was.

      1. Pretty quietly and withdrew, but I am not responsible for other people’s feelings, just my own. Yeah it was hard, but I’m worth putting that effort in.

      1. It’s scary on one hand, but on the other hand it’s liberating and I know that the more I challenge myself to face what makes me afraid, the more I overcome that fear. Every time I face a fear, I feel like I’ve accomplished something great. 🙂

      2. Very interesting and true. Once you face fear it doesn’t mean you’re not afraid anymore, but you realize you’re stronger than that fear.

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