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  1. Ah, the question of great sci-fi that divides us all into the hopeful and the fearful… I think humanity as a whole will advance very little by then, but it would be interesting to see how many variations of transhuman we’ve come up with by that point.

    1. I’m very interested to see how humanity would be from a psychological point of view. Happier or sadder? That is the question and I think I’m afraid to see the answer :))

      1. Would we even be able to understand that idea of happier or sadder? We’re so adaptable as a species, we can seemingly normalize to almost anything in a generation or three.

      2. I agree, but compared to the today’s standard? What we consider as being sad today might be seen as normal in the future so it would be an overall decline, but if what we’re considering happy today would be normal in the future, I think it would be a progress. What do you think?

      3. Compared to today’s standard according to whom? There are countries with almost no tech that are far happier than everyone else. I know, I’m impossible. If human progress is anything to judge by as a whole, the pursuit of happiness has never really been a factor until the last couple of centuries. Maybe it’ll be its own science at that point. I’d like to think we could achieve that.

      4. Compared to that particular country. We wouldn’t have accurate results if we are comparing different parts of the world. We’re comparing the Brazil now, for example, with Brazil in 500 years. Based on this interest on happiness and how people think they can achieve it, I’m sure it will be it’s own science.

      5. I ask it that way because who’s to say we’ll even have countries in 500 years? Maybe we’ll just exist in whatever the equivalent of the Matrix or the Oasis happens to be.

      6. Maybe, but the geographical zone would be the same. So let me do the correction: Brazil now with the same place in 500 years.

      1. Two reasons really, one is because of the harm we do to earth. We know it, but we still do it. Secobdly, it’s worth looking at population growth figures. The rate of growth in population is increasing rapidly, and this can only mean that we will harm the planet even more. We will reach a critical point with global warming, we’ll cross it, and that will be the beginning of the end.

      2. Assuming we’ll use the same techniques as today, yes, we’re probably be extinct. But based on the rapidly evolution of technology, I’m sure we’ll find solutions to slow down (or maybe stop) the destruction of the planet.

      1. If we continue in the same rhythm or worse, yes, we’re going to be dead, but I’m sure we’ll do some changes.

  2. If I think about the future using now as a focus, I think the world would be a really scary place that people will be forced to exist within their minds rather than the physical.
    With the dangerous genetic modifications, lack of care towards our environment and lack of empathy that’s common nowadays, I don’t wish to be there. Even now, it’s a struggle

  3. 500 is quite a while ahead of us. I’ve recently started reading William Cooper’s “Behold a Pale Horse”, so I have to admit that my outlook of even a few years into our future is pretty bleak (not sure if we’ll face an extinction, but we’ll definitely be a diminished species psychologically) – but if we did manage to support our species through to that point in the future, I’d hope that our psychology would have adapted to understand the larger connectivity of not only ourselves as a species, but with all life in the universe/s as one system.

    1. I believe it will be a step by step evolution so our mindset should evolve in the same rhythm … and I hope that the ones with a better understanding will help the others to get to the same level.

  4. Unless humans learn how to accept each other and act in a civil manner towards each other, I fear we will not be here in 500 years. Is that an incredibly negative view to hold? It sure is but it is reality.

    1. I wouldn’t say negative, just based on today’s “trend”. I hope that this trend will change and I’m trying to be part of this change.

  5. what I am really thinking is, ‘Will there be any humanity left?’ And I think I know the answer to it. “yes, humanity will be there, in history books, tales, fictions, and quotes.”

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