33 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 75

      1. These days? Everyone stays mad. I work under the Zen approach on that: of someone gives me a gift (of anger) and I refuse it, to whom does it belong?

      2. As long as you don’t take that anger as being yours, you can play with it until it transforms.

      3. I’m still working on that, but I’m determined not to perpetuate the cycle in the first place. The best way to difuse a situation is not to be a part of it. Nothing gets the angry to think quite like leaving them to stew. Might take days or years, but they’ll figure it out.

      4. I agree. That anger it’s not your problem anyway. They created it so they’re responsible for it.

  1. I dismiss other people’s opinion if they are making a racist point, or a generic discriminatory point. Also if it’s something clearly biased like those people that say that their country is the best. I have to admit though that I am myself biased in certain areas as I think the type of yoga my group practice is the best and I don’t really like other’s, I am trying to improve though 🤣

    1. I think that we’re all biased, but as long as we know that, we can have a wider view over things.

  2. I like to try to look at the other side of a question. It isn’t easy, I probably don’t do it really well, but finding commonality or, at least, compassion for another point of view, helps move conversations along.

    The less likely someone is to be open to other ideas, the more absolutist someone comes across, the more likely I am to dismiss their opinion.

  3. If my opinion is based on information that’s factually accurate and the other person’s opinion is either uninformed or based on inaccurate information.

    1. Sometimes we value our own opinion so much just because it’s ours that we just don’t care about others opinion.

  4. I think my opinion is my opinion unless it’s something very obvious like the approach someone is taking just isn’t working so I share my opinion to offer a change of approach then maybe my opinion is of more value, I guess

    1. I understand your point. I guess that sometimes the opinion more valuable is the one that is the most helpful in that situation.

  5. I think anyone’s opinion could be considered inappropriate if it is not welcome. Therefore I don’t believe my opinion is any more appropriate than anyone else’s. I’ve put my foot in my mouth on a few occasions. But, I’ve learned from such mistakes and find that listening can sometimes be more appropriate than giving my opinion.

    1. Very interesting point of view. Martin Luther King said that great leaders speak last because that way they have the time and luxury to listen to anyone else’s opinion. It helps gathering all the information available so we can make sure that our opinion has all the “ingredients” available before it’s “cooked”.

  6. When I can support my opinion according to the dictates of reason and, preferably, science. And when the other cannot do the same.

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  7. I usually understand that people’s opinions are based on their life experiences as well as the facts that they are bringing to the conversation so I simply say that it is my perspective or theirs if I happen to disagree with them. I am willing to admit when I am wrong if they present the stats or data to prove their point however. If not it’s cool if we share different perspectives because no two people have the same life experiences.

    1. Yes, I agree. People have different life experiences and because of that they have their own views which sometimes are the same and other times they differ.

  8. As my Grandmother told me: “everyone has a right to an opinion but it doesn’t give anyone the right to express it”.
    Strangely people ask for opinions before making important decisions but the best course is to weigh the facts, desired outcomes and the potential consequences. If you can’t identify any of these factors then you don’t have enough information to make an informed choice.

    1. As you said, sometimes people don’t have enough information to make an informed choice and because of that they ask for opinions. We have to admit that there are people that know more than us so maybe they can help. The problem is when we give opinions without asked or we give opinions based on too little information…

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