21 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 61

  1. I like December not just because of Christmas but its the time of the year when almost everything comes to an end and everyone is about to start something new. Happiness is around each and everyone corner. Planning, resolutions and so many are there in everyone’s mind at that time. That’s the best time of the year.

  2. I love summers. This to me is awesome because we just went through a period of new growth in plants and all is green. The sun is inviting us to come out to play. My favorite time of year has me hook line and sinker.

  3. my favourite time of year is coming up to the end of October. Halloween is around the corner and there is something in the air, almost like baited breath. Leaves crunch under foot, it starts getting darker and colder and people cast their minds to the spookier side of life. Halloween decorations, treats and stories are everywhere you look and the world takes a deep breath in ready for winter. I love it!

    1. Uh, that’s interesting. From time to time we need to visit our darker side of the mind to take the demons for a walk and it’s easier when we see it all around us.

  4. I love fall and Halloween. It’s so much fun to see the kids getting excited about dressing up and pretending for a night to be something they admire. I love the cooling down of days, and the pace of life slowing. I especially like it when the fleas and mosquitoes die!

    1. Well, death is one of the Halloween’s themes, right? Mosquitoes can be a really pain in the ass… literally :))

  5. Autumn!
    I love the cool, crisp air. Little moments of Indian Summer. The way the natural world gets ready for the winter. So many look at it as the dying time, but for me it’s the beautiful time of preparing for rest.

    1. Another great example from Mother Nature! The process of getting ready for something (winter) can be better than that something 😀

    1. Sometimes it’s sad to see that people need something from outside (like a holiday) to be kinder, but at least they are…

  6. My Birthday, November 30th.

    I used to like it simply because of presents that I got from family. Later on, especially in my 20s I like to know that i am getting older a year and contemplate on my life for the past year, what have I done, what am i gonna do next and of course simply to be grateful for another chance to live and enjoy this wild ride called life. Oh and I can’t wait to buy my own present to reward myself for surviving and living the year.

    and surely I like Christmas, cuz who doesn’t?

    1. You have a very nice view over life. What a better moment than your birthday can be to contemplate over your life .

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