22 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 54

  1. 1) That I’m honest.
    2) That I don’t pretend to like things when I hate it.
    3) That I do not interfere in other’s business.
    4) That I’m quiet and not noisy .
    5) And lastly I’m me and not someone else!

  2. Hrmmm….
    I love that I laugh – a lot.
    I love that I’m curious.
    I love that I’m protective of those I love.
    I love that I like to play with words.
    I love that I’m a pet “momma”!

      1. I’ll need more time to think.

        (Shall say goodbye for now: as I’m struggling with my weekly post (due today!).)

        I enjoyed visiting your blog.

        Thank you, very much, for the likes, so kind of you!

      2. My pleasure! Thank you for taking your time to share your thoughts! Enjoy your work on your weekly post! Would it be ok in 3 days to share your list? I’m looking forward to see it! 😀

  3. Love is a strong word, but here is my list
    1. I’m independent
    2. I’m open to suggestions, most of the time
    3. I’m sleeping less than the average
    4. I eat everything if edible
    5. I talk a lot

      1. I read, I clean. I plan. I watch Netflix. I write, sometimes. Sometimes I play computer games. Sometimes I drink to try to sleep. Nothing productive, usually.

      2. Well, I think that reading, cleaning, planning and writing are definitely productive. Netflix can be if it gives you ideas to write. And computer games… they’re fun as f*ck.

  4. Yes. But I must say, I feel lonely from time to time. I look out (I live in a small village) and sometimes it looks like I’m the last man alive. Then I check my kids sleeping and I continue… with whatever I’m doing 🙂

    1. I see… I think it’s normal to feel lonely from time to time. It can happen even if you’re surrounded with people…

  5. 1 I love fiercely
    2 that my default mode is to nurture
    3 that I’m a lifelong learner
    4 my mad organizational skills
    5 my red hair

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