17 thoughts on “Question of the Day – No. 51

  1. If I am to be honest, I am addicted to reading. I think I love the fact you can get lost in another world which is better than my own reality sometimes.

    1. You’re totally right. What I find it interesting is that sometimes the reality is better than a book and I get addicted of those moments.

  2. Reading, over thinking, buying chips that I love and enjoying it eating myself, answering to mails and messages instantly and being polite and being extra cautious with the grammar part! I think that would be enough😂😂

  3. Definitely reading, I can absorb books real quickly, sometimes I would like to just relish a book, but no way, the better it is, the faster I’ll get through it. Also good music, and my cat Misha. And probably some other things.

  4. I have this weird addiction to sugar…and it’s probably because my parents let me eat too much of it as a small child. Or like my grandparents say, cause I’m sweet. But…it’s probably number 1

    1. I see. So probably you just got used to it. One of my family members is also addicted to sugar. That person puts 4 spoons of sugar in every coffee.

    1. Most of us are…. Eating sweets like sugar and chocolate releases endorphins (the molecule of happiness) and we feel a little better. Our body knows what it needs to feel better and that might be the reason why we do it. How do you feel about your addiction?

      1. If I’m honest, I hate my addiction! I always feel bad afterwards because what I do run to are the sugary, self gratifying stuff. So it’s a moment of Euphoria followed by a free fall and dealing with the weight gain from my binging.

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