About Eye Contact

The Art of Observing   Have you ever wondered how you should interpret your eye contact with other people? What too much eye contact means? What too little eye contact means? Why someone is deliberately avoiding eye contact with you?

   Usually, your eye contact with someone is telling something about your interaction with that person or about that person as an individual. If you can observe how that person makes eye contact with other people, you can say if your interaction has something to do with yourself or with that person (if it’s different with you, then it’s about the interaction with you).

   Too much eye contact might mean the person is interested in you or in what you’re saying. It also might mean that the person you’re talking to has a high level of self-confidence and that he/she is not afraid of the situation.

   Avoiding eye contact might mean several things. It’s possible that the person you’re talking to is not feeling comfortable in that situation. Why? Well, maybe because he/she is not confident enough talking to you or maybe he/she is ashamed of something that person did to you. Or maybe that person is afraid and he/she is trying to hide something. It also might mean that the person you’re talking to feels inferior to you.

   A good eye contact is a sign of a healthy interaction between the ones involved. Poor eye contact is a sign of a poor interaction because one or all of those involved feels uncomfortable being in that interaction.

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