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Survival of the Friendliest: The Key to Our Species’ Evolution

The book Humankind by the Dutch historian Rutger Bregman is the inspiration for this blog post. The author invites us to explore a different perspective. He argues that people are inherently decent at heart and proposes a new worldview based on the corollaries of this optimistic view of human beings. He explores, among other things, the concept of survival of the friendliest. When it comes … Continue reading Survival of the Friendliest: The Key to Our Species’ Evolution

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Agreeableness: The Sacrifice of Self

Agreeableness breaks down into Compassion and Politeness.  Compassionate people are the caring, loving types. They are sympathetic towards other people’s feelings and take an active interest in their friends and families lives.  Polite people are very careful with their words. They have a deep respect for authority and hate to seem pushy or impose their will on others.  On the surface agreeableness appears to be … Continue reading Agreeableness: The Sacrifice of Self

How to Embrace Change

Life is constant change, Buddha and Aristotle already said it: change is a fact of life. But change has also been accelerating in recent decades. Massive disruption across the social, technological, political and environmental dimensions of our lives means that we are constantly trying to figure out how best to manage uncertainty. And for someone it can be scary. The origin of this fear can … Continue reading How to Embrace Change

Why You Shouldn’t Hope for the Best

“Misfortune weighs most heavily on those who expect nothing but good fortune.” – Seneca Have you ever noticed how we’re taught that our wants and desires have everything to do with our suffering, yet we’re also taught to “live in hope”? Have you ever stopped to consider how these messages might muddy the waters? You see it all over the blogosphere, of course. “Don’t give … Continue reading Why You Shouldn’t Hope for the Best

The Pursuit Of Unhappiness

Apparently most of us have a default level of happiness. No mater what our station is in life, we are all slightly dissatisfied. Slightly. Life is just never quite good enough, even when it really is.  This default happiness level readjusts depending on your circumstances. Even if something great happens to you, like winning the lottery, you soon get over it and return to that … Continue reading The Pursuit Of Unhappiness

The Year(s) of Lord of the Flies

Provided by Scherezade Ozwulo from The Introverted Christian *originally posted on The Introverted Christian*    Watching Dr. Oz, eating my French toast sticks, a flash of a preview for his next show centered around real life mean girls comes on. Seeing the images of girls fighting like their in the Octagon or the victim laying out unconscious is scary.    Just straight scary.😨😨    As … Continue reading The Year(s) of Lord of the Flies