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The Web of Knowledge – Science and Popular Wisdom

In an era where we are overwhelmed with information, distinguishing between truth and fake news has become an intellectual battleground. Today I take you through the corridors of popular wisdom, dissecting its roots and exposing the scientific method as I learned it from scientists I work with. At the heart of every scientific discovery lies a systematic approach—the scientific method. It’s a roadmap that begins … Continue reading The Web of Knowledge – Science and Popular Wisdom

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The Power of Intuition

Intuition has always been a fascinating subject of study. It is generally associated with genius, because the greatest scientific discoveries happened thanks to moments of intuition. Einstein wrote: Intuition is a sacred gift of which reason is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honours the servant and forgets the gift. In addition, we all know that it is thanks to our intuition … Continue reading The Power of Intuition


Things We’ve Lost to the Internet

Last week I was on vacation in the beautiful village of Lu Bagnu, located in Sardinia, Italy. I had the chance to read more than usual and I found an interview to Pamela Paul, author of the book “100 Things We’ve lost to the Internet“. The book presents the world before cyberspace. If you are a non digital native like me, you will know what she … Continue reading Things We’ve Lost to the Internet

Don’t Google Everything

Hi all, I want to talk about googling information today because I made a mistake regarding it the other day. I love technology. I think it is very helpful in a lot of ways. We should embrace it. But as with everything, it has some bad sides as well. You probably heard the warnings against looking up symptoms on Google. Why? Googling our symptoms makes … Continue reading Don’t Google Everything