woman sitting on cliff overlooking mountain

Why It’s Better To Not Know Who You Are

A year ago, I made the decision to leave Hong Kong not knowing how it would all pan out. It threw me into an existential midlife crisis. The idea that I didn’t know who I was was at the heart of the issue. I still don’t know if I made the right decision. Ask me again in 10 years. We shall see! I realise it’s … Continue reading Why It’s Better To Not Know Who You Are

The Paralysis of “I Don’t Know”

By Ellen Jayne | We’ve all been there: faced with a decision to make while feeling completely helpless, succumbed to the sheer solidity of not being able to forecast the future. The unwavering cycle of ‘to do, or not to do.’ We subconsciously permit the moment to overwhelm us and in the end paralyze us. What if I told you that you’re actually paralyzing yourself? Continue reading The Paralysis of “I Don’t Know”

Decision-Making: Logic or Emotions?

Hi everyone, I have been writing on the cognitive and emotional side of our stories of our own lives on my blog recently. So, I thought why not discuss it here. The idea is that the mind and the heart tend to differ how they perceive the outside world. When the perception is through the mind, it goes through the filter of logic. What is … Continue reading Decision-Making: Logic or Emotions?