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The Pitfalls of Arrogance: Why Humility Triumphs

Arrogance, the trait of overestimating one’s abilities or importance while underestimating others, is a human characteristic like many others. While it may sometimes be mistaken for self-confidence, arrogance often leads to negative consequences in personal and professional relationships. Let’s see why arrogance has a destructive power and why embracing humility is a far wiser choice. The Destructive Power of Arrogance Arrogance can act as a … Continue reading The Pitfalls of Arrogance: Why Humility Triumphs

Confidence vs Arrogance

   What is the difference between these two? I would say that ego at first, but is that all? How can a confident person show confidence without being interpreted as arrogant?    Since I mentioned ego, I’d like to deep dive in this. In my opinion, a confident person knows his/hers limitations and this will allow that person to express the knowledge based on facts. … Continue reading Confidence vs Arrogance