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Why Some Questions about Work Popped up on My Mind

It would be illusory to think that we leave our personal culture, beliefs and values in the locker room of our workplace and work mechanically.

It would be also boring, I think. Therefore, some questions about work popped up.

I believe that most of us hope to have the opportunity, through work, to gain recognition of our personal worth, of our uniqueness, in short of our identity.

I have been thinking about the meaning of work for some time, as I happened not to be gratified by the work I used to do especially with human resources (HR). Some people think it is a very interesting job, and actually, it is, but sometimes it is discouraging. HR departments should be leading their organization, they should walk the talk. Where I worked, it was just the opposite, the working environment was extremely toxic.

We all have a job, sometimes even for free, like housewives.

Students study, and that is their job.

Volunteering is not paid either, parents do a great, priceless, and never-ending job.

Teachers, nurses, public officers, and many other workers are often underpaid. I think we all do our best at work, considering our abilities, educational background, and experience.

Here are some questions about work that have come to my mind.

Do you feel you are doing the job you dreamed of?

My dream was to become a teacher in high school. Everyone discouraged me and I listened to them. I ended up doing something that I am not sure I really like. The pay is good, but is money my motivation to work? No, but it is part of it.

I changed my dream of being a teacher to become a coach, and I use to coach some teenagers who want to start up their own businesses. That is rewarding and I do it for free in my spare time. They also participate in coaching sessions during their free time.

Why are you working? What is your motivation to work? Why do you get up every morning? Do you like your job? How do you make a difference? What place does work take in your mental balance?

Moreover, do you have a best friend at work? When I was bullied, I would not have survived without one or more friends’ support at the workplace. Finally, do you think you have the right competencies for your future job? I would be happy to read your insights in the comments box!

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16 thoughts on “Why Some Questions about Work Popped up on My Mind

  1. I view the work that I do as nutritious spiritual food
    Doing just for the sake of what is before me to be done, serving the objective of the whole

  2. Years ago I had to switch from doing Graphic Design work to being an Executive Assistant/Administrative Assistant. More recently I have been able to switch away from that and get into small event management for DEI type of events, which makes me feel like my skill set is put to better use for a better cause. People like to say that job tittles don’t matter anymore, but they really do when they reflect the type of work being done.

  3. Job to me is an exchange of energy in the form av money, knowledge, and resources. I have had different but really interesting jobs. The dream situation is that I have enough income from my own business so I do not have to work for others. At the same time working for others gives a good insight into what is going on in society and the collective consciousness of the country I am Living in. By the way, your questions are grelt and massasje the brain.

  4. An interesting post Cristiana. I changed jobs; returning to education, gaining a degree and a total career change in my 30s. I had a job that I enjoyed, that I was good at and had some responsibility but recognised I had potential to do more and sought our new opportunities. I changed from being a legal secretary in a busy corporate litigation department and now am a college lecturer. I teach HR, so work with future HR practitioners and those already in employment seeking to progress their careers. To some extent, I’m on the other side of the equation – teaching what should happen and yes, have to sometimes deal with disillusioned students who find that theory’s fine, but doesn’t work in practice. Where I find pleasure in my job is seeing a student gain the confidence to seek an alternative post, one where they can challenge the status quo a bit more and move towards what HR should be

    I am not driven by money/salary. I work with a good (small) team and know they have my back and are there if I need them, and me likewise for them.

    I am driven by helping others, providing support and guidance to help. For me the greatest satisfaction is where a student is happy and achieving. I try to support and encourage, helping them to build their confidence. Things like a student telling me that studying HR with me made the difference in her landing the job she got when she left college.

    I guess at its simplest, it’s being in the service of others and hopefully making someone else’s life a little better

    1. I like that you are supported by your team and you support them when needed. I have the same in my current job as project manager. I used to work in HR sectors for many years and got tired of it, also because I have been harassed twice in two different workplaces and had two consequent burnouts. I guess that teaching is something different and I understand that you are happy when you are in the service of others and try to help them change their life for the better. This is actually what I have now with my projects, where we engage students for PhDs and we help them obtain their best from the 3 year project they shall work on. Thank you for sharing your interesting experience Brenda!

      1. Not always some students take everything for granted as the selection for the our project is highly competitive and they think they are the best. But some students are really good and humble, don’t hesitate to ask for help and give feedback, that’s what we need!

      2. I know what you mean. Each one is an individual. It’s what makes teaching interesting, even if the subject is the same. Each student or group of students brings something different

  5. Very few people work
    Work is holy
    Work is a daily prayer
    To work is to be one with the universal.

    Most people are Earning a living, slaves of a system

  6. I wanted to be a teacher. For many years I loved the job and even said that I would continue teaching even if I won the million dollar lottery. That wore off as the years went by and I eventually quit teaching to pursue making music. I had been doing that part time while teaching and was always passion about it. I view my job now as helping people through music (helping them celebrate a wedding, or taking their mind off things while they hear a song, or to have fun…)

    1. That’s a good way to see your job Todd! I think that music helps everyone because it’s an universal language, you don’t need a translation for listening and feeling it.

      1. That’s true- it can really bring people together. Thanks Cristiana!

  7. What great questions, Cristiana! it reminds me of the Nietzsche quote, “He who has a why can endure any how.” My work isn’t what gets me up in the morning – but I’m getting closer. Thanks for the great reflection!

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