No Effort, No Problem?

Well, here we go again. I’m about to advocate not doing work. It seems I do this fairly often.

But it’s not that I’m lazy or against giving an effort, it’s just that sometimes the best effort involves making no effort. In other words- breaks are good and we should take them without beating ourselves up over it.

For example, I’ve been on vacation all week. I’ve not been thinking about writing or much else for 6 days.

Suddenly, this morning I realized it was my day to post on Wise & Shine. But I have nothing to say and no laptop, plus I’m not the best at using the WordPress app on my phone.

So I’m going the beach…..

See you next week.🙂

31 thoughts on “No Effort, No Problem?

  1. Haha I wouldn’t have even bothered writing anything. Although I’m glad you did. A quick reminder that it’s ok to do nothing. Enjoy the beach Todd!

    1. Thanks! Honestly, the only reason I wrote anything was because I didn’t want to break my streak of never having missed a W&S posting day.😂

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