Still Crying, Still Dying, Still Fragile

We recently passed the first anniversary of the war in Ukraine. The first images of the scene last year were horrible, especially the faces of the Ukrainians who were displaced, mourning loved ones, or just plain fearful of what was next.

Since those days, the TV news coverage seems to have moved on to more strategic, tactical and political aspects of the battle. But I’m sure the humanitarian crisis there is about as settled as the war itself. Not close.

I hope we don’t forget the faces of those that are suffering there. I hope we don’t dismiss those that are suffering elsewhere in the world or in our own towns. I hope we can spend some time each day reflecting on the fact that no matter how safe we may feel at any given time, death, destruction and suffering are always near at hand. Maybe we avoid them, maybe we don’t. But either way we are susceptible. We are, as Sting says in his song, Fragile.

I released a musical cover of Sting’s Fragile last year around this time in an attempt to inspire people not to forget that life is delicate, and that we should help those who are suffering. Our cover and the video that accompanies it are focused on Ukraine, but it really applies to all people everywhere.

Here’s our recording of Fragile, coupled with early images of the war. At the end of the video scrolls a list of humanitarian aid organizations working in Ukraine, among other places. Give in to the impulse to help; if not in Ukraine, elsewhere. If not with money, in some other way.

Fragile is available for download at for a donation, which will be forwarded to Global Giving.

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6 thoughts on “Still Crying, Still Dying, Still Fragile

  1. I was just visiting with a friend of mine that was evacuated from Ukraine at the beginning of the war. He said, “I’m just so tired of seeing my friends get bombed.” Thank you for the reminder, Todd.

  2. A year! It is so hard to imagine what every person affected by the crisis is going through. You are right, while the news room debates are filled with UN arguments, countries taking side, remaining neutral, what we are missing out on is the regularity of life that has come to a standstill or is now inherent associated with fear and uncertainty. All we can do is help in whatever little way and pray for the crisis to end soon.

  3. One year already and we don’t see the end of this war. No diplomatic talks, no initiatives to stop it. Last week in Italy they organized a March for Peace. I am not aware of anything else like that organized here in Europe. When I was younger we manifested a lot more for peace with sit-ins, marches, concerts,…So, what you did Todd is important and very welcomed.

    1. Thanks Cristiana- I appreciate your support. It’s true, it doesn’t seem like much is happening in the way of diplomatic peace efforts or citizen calls for peace😞

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