An Explanation

Dear Wise & Shine Readers:

As some of you might have noticed, I’ve been mostly away from the site in recent weeks. 

I’m writing to let you know that I’ll be taking a leave of absence from the blog.  I’m suffering from extreme burnout.  Additionally, I was recently diagnosed with an incurable degenerative condition.  I won’t die from this illness, but I will become increasingly disabled.  There are things I can do to slow the progress of this condition, and I am changing my life in ways that could help.

The burnout and this diagnosis have been a bit too much for me.  I’ve always been the sort to just push through difficulties and hard times, but I think I need to take a different approach on this occasion.

I will return and become active again after I’ve gotten myself into a healthier mental state.

I want you to know that I feel bad walking away from the site like this.  I apologize for letting all of you down.

Troy Headrick

68 thoughts on “An Explanation

  1. Best wishes to you.
    The most important thing is prioritising sustainable health management – as you are doing.

  2. The rain that falls today will bring flowers tomorrow, and when that tomorrow comes, you’ll be back in your full glory. Until then, rest well and soak up the healing love of your fans that is there for you. 🙏🌈🌝

  3. Wishing you peace and recovery from the burnout you feel. Your health is most important. I look forward to the day you feel healthy enough to return. In the meantime, take care and God bless.

  4. You’re not letting anyone down Trpy. You need to take the time for yourself. Take time to adjust to the shocking news you’ve received. Look after yourself, be kind to yourself and take care

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