Musings from Flood Warnings

Hello all! Good morning from a very rainy California!

You might have heard, California has been dealing with severe rain in recent weeks, specifically the past week, and we have been under evacuation warning due to risk of flood a few times in the past week. Some nearby areas have actually been evacuated. The state has been under tornado threat, which is very rare from what I heard. What did all of this make me think?

What I thought of the most is how momentary life can be. Everything is fine one day and the next day, something extreme can happen and life can change. It is in our best interest if we can learn to make peace with uncertainties in life. I am better at this but not great. The past few weeks kind of shook me, both due to the weather situation but also due to other issues that started coming up with the new year.

Another thing I thought of a lot is climate change. It seems like what we say does not happen in any area weather-wise is happening. Roles are being reversed. On top of that, whatever weather condition we get, it is on the extremes. Rain? Get some flood. Hot? Get some fires. Wind? How about a tornado? Just plain, no rain, no snow weather? How about some drought? This is not US-specific. I talk to my parents in Turkey and they complain about similar things there.

Overall, life is constantly changing and we better get used to this idea. It is tough for our safety-seeking minds.

Let’s discuss changes in life and climate change this week. If you are in California, share how everything is on your end.


13 thoughts on “Musings from Flood Warnings

  1. Well I am in Australia. We always get the extremes between droughts, bushfires and floods. We have had floods all last year but the 100 year flood currently occurring on our north west part of the continent is so flooded there is now an inland sea. It us a flood plain but almost like red desert most of the time.
    Sorry to hear you are going through this at the moment. Stay safe. This too will pass.

  2. I was on vacation in Cuba recently and I put on my winter jacket (luckily I had it with me) because of the cold wave coming from North America. This is not a kind of weather you expect in the Carribean, right? I know it’s winter also there but these events are rare (or should I say were rare?). We shall learn to cope with these extreme weather events. I am surprised though that there are still some people who don’t believe in climate change.

  3. This is so true, and unfortunately some areas of the world are getting hit harder than others, creating climate migration issues as people move away from badly affected areas in order to reach safety.

    The tipping point has arrived where we can no longer deny climate change and how it is affecting our nations, but unfortunately there are still hold-outs, and some of those people are in power!

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