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New Podcast Today!

close up photo of a condenser microphone

Hi!  We’ve just posted a new episode of the Wise & Shine podcast.  Have a listen as I talk with the uber-talented and insightful Art Russell.  In this podcast, we attempt to answer the question “What’s Really Important?”  Thanks for tuning in! 

15 thoughts on “New Podcast Today!

  1. I’ve still not made it through all the ones from when I was out of the country, but I did listen to the ones with Wynne, and have been completely remiss in not commenting on them. Of course, it seems redundant to say I loved them because, who wouldn’t?! 🤍

    Still though, I truly did. Besides her blogs, I love the book on her dad, and hearing her talk about her writing process, and her book – I mean, actually hear her – was even more of a delight. Looking forward to hearing the one with Art as well!

    1. Kendra – what an incredibly kind and lovely comment. Isn’t it fun to hear each other’s voices? I loved hearing you on the podcast you did! So wonderful to be able to add that element to people we know and love through their writing. XOXO!

    2. Right. Hearing the actual voice of a writing speaking about his or her writing is a different kind of experience. We appreciate you being such a great follower of W & S.

    1. I don’t know if you can hear the enthusiasm in our voices, but we were wildly enthusiastic during our conversation. We discovered that are kindred spirits during that talk.

      1. Yes indeed…I heard two kindred spirits enjoying each other! You two had such a fast-paced chat the time flew…and it was delightful. I had no idea what the meaning of the word “yoga” was, Art….to yoke or unite. Good to know! And the conversation, generally, about travel and reminders of “oneness”? Terrific…just as the mention of unnatural…but unavoidable separations…lines on a map…and how meaningless that can be. Great food for thought! 😊

  2. Hello Troy,

    It was a pleasure being able to have a conversation with you. Thank you again for inviting me! 🙏

    1. Thank you for talking. I totally got into our conversation that day. I felt (and feel) that we are cut of the same cloth, Art. You had so many interesting things to say.

      1. You’re welcome, Troy. I totally enjoyed our conversation, too–and not just for the podcast. I found you very interesting and value our connection.

  3. It was a great conversation, actually it was a true exchange. I love Art mentioning Deepak Chopra, he has been and still is one of my point of reference. I learned to use this why questions and always end up in what Art said, happiness! Thank you both!

    1. Thank you, Cristiana. We had great fun during out talk. I felt we could have talked on an on. We actually had to cut it off well before we had exhausted our thoughts on the things we were talking about.

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