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In this article, we’re going to depart from our inquiry into the nature of our true Self and examine The Law of Attraction in greater depth. For persons who are unfamiliar with the subject, the law is basically summed up as follows:

We bring about what we think about.”

One well-known example of the law at work is related in the Bible, through the account of Job, who suffered tremendously: “For the thing which I greatly feared is come upon me, and that which I was afraid of is come unto me.” That to which we give our attention, whether favorable or unfavorable, becomes real. If you doubt this can be true, please read the following photo-messages from various books

Socrates (470 – 399 BC) was no slouch when it came to philosophy. He was also an idealist, which basically means that he believed that everything is a concept in mind. Think opposite of a materialist; a person who believes in a world made of apparent matter. Before scoffing at the idea that matter doesn’t exist in the “concrete-real” way that most persons assume, please contemplate the following question: “Do you believe that you actually come into contact with matter?” If so, you might want to think again. All that we experience directly are our perceptions–basically sight, sound, taste, touch, and smell, which are modulations of thought. Beyond these, we are only assuming that a correlative world made of matter actually exists. Quantum physics has yet not discovered the tiniest bits of matter; and it never will.

A few quotes may help us understand how the Law of Attraction really works, beginning with Socrates: “To be is to do.” Mahatma Gandhi pointed to the same understanding through his famous quote: “Be the change you desire to see in the world.” Bob Proctor, who studied the teachings of the Law of Attraction for almost sixty years, said: “If you can see it in the mind, you’re going to hold it in the hand.” Mike Dooley, who is a noted speaker and author about the Law of Attraction, states it this way: “Thoughts become things.” Neville Goddard, who lectured extensively throughout the United States and authored many books about deliberate creation, stated that to create effectively we must “assume the feeling of the wish fulfilled.” Andrew Carnegie, who was once one of the wealthiest men in the world, stated the premise the following way: “Any idea that is held in the mind, that is emphasized, that is either feared or revered will begin at once to clothe itself in the most convenient and appropriate form available.”

If all of this sounds like lunacy, I hear you. At one time, I would have definitely agreed. However, if we engage in even a little self-inquiry, we can come to realize that we are neither the body nor the mind. In other words, you’re not the person you have assumed. Through time spent in stillness (the Bible stated: “Be still and know that I am God“), we can directly experience a deeper dimension of Self; one in which we recognize that we are the witness of sensations, images, feelings, and thoughts. All of these arise and subside; we, however, are the eternal, unchanging witness (Universal Consciousness) of all the effects that appear. Persons (aka body-minds) are appearances in consciousness that are known by Awareness. Our true nature is Awareness–Spirit. Just for the record, the source of consciousness due to biological functions has never been found in the body (coined The Hard Problem of Consciousness by David Chalmers), and it never will be. Why? Because the body is rendered by the mind.

We are co-creators–not persons. We create by imagining what we desire to manifest, and we do so by believing that what we desire is ours already. This world is not made of matter; it is made of mind. This explains why Nikola Tesla stated the following: “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration; “and why James Jean, noted astrophysicicst and author of The Mysterious Universe, stated “The stream of knowledge is heading towards a non-mechanical reality; the Universe begins to look more like a great thought than like a great machine. Mind no longer appears to be an accidental intruder into the realm of matter… we ought rather hail it as the creator and governor of the realm of matter.”

As much as it might seem that we are the doers and the personal knowers of the world, we are not. Those effects are produced by Maya (Sanskrit term, meaning illusion). There is One Knower and One Doer (God, or That), which is manifesting through a multiplicity and diversity of beings. With regard to our waking dreams (which the majority of persons assume to be reality), if we persistently hold onto our visions, and imbue them with feeling, they will manifest. Just know that the effects will be made out of mind stuff–Consciousness.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


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  1. Good morning, Art! Thank you for this…in my ‘inbox’ this morning. I always learn from your posts and appreciated my quiet time just now, reading and enjoying a cup of tea. I’ve lost track of where I picked it up first, but the quote from Andrew Carnegie was a treat to see. I’d forgotten about it until I saw it in your post…reminding me that he was more than a steel baron…the notion of ideas/intentions revealing in ‘the most convenient and appropriate form available’ sticks with me in a be nimble, stay aware…live purposefully sort of way. I’d forgotten the source was Carnegie. Thank you! 😉

    1. Hello, Victoria. You’re very welcome. Thank you for taking the time to comment! I’m glad that you find some of the information that I share useful. I absolutely love the quote from Andrew Carnegie. I found it through the YouTube presentations by Bob Proctor–a noted authority on the teachings of the law of attraction (body-mind now passed). I agree, live purposefully, and “Know Thyself,” the Truth of our “I Am”-dentity.

      Here’s another quote that you mind find helpful with deliberate creation.This one is from “The Science of Getting Rich,” by Wallace D. Wattles:”No thought of form can be impressed upon original substance [Consciousness] without causing the creation of that form. A human being is a thinking center and can originate thoughts.”
      Wishing you a great day! 🙏

      1. Thank you, Art — I appreciate the extra info and I wasn’t aware of Bob Proctor. You are right — I like the Wattles quote, too – also new to me. Happy Thursday to you — appreciate your post and the resources…always so much more to learn. 😊

      2. You’re very welcome, Victoria. Bob Proctor (you can see his presentations still on YouTube–what a master!). I’m glad that you like the Wattles’ quote. Here’s another that may give you pause, from Neville Goddard, who was a Barbadian mystic and teacher of our deeper essential nature: “Things have no reality other than in consciousness. Therefore, get the consciousness first, and the thing is compelled to occur.”
        Quite a different take on so-called “reality.” True though. 🙏🧡 We are Spiritual Beings having an apparently human experience in the waking state.

      3. You’re very welcome.
        I just felt inspired to attach the link to one of my YouTube presentations, in case it can be of service to you. I haven’t published it yet, but I still believe that the video will play, in case you’re interested. 🙏

      4. You’re so kind, Victoria. Thank you. I honestly just follow intuitive nudges. I hope that the video will offer some useful information–both into your essential nature, and also how to manifest more effectively. 🙏

      5. Look for a follow up after I’ve watched…I have a strong intuitive sense 😉that it will be more than useful! Big smiles to you!

      6. Thank you, Art, for the ‘sneak peek’, chock full of reminders that there is no ‘person’ – we are just ‘body-mind’…consciousness witnessing who we are as persons and in whatever condition or situation we find ourselves in. Such liberating ideas! I see connections to counseling and therapy in the form of ‘trauma informed care’ and the work that’s done to help victims compartmentalize pain in order to process it, leading to empowerment and choice. I think I still have work to do to understand consciousness as reality, devoid of matter and things. Thank you for sharing. Delightful and insightful video!

      7. You’re very welcome, Victoria! I’m glad that the video was useful. 🙏

  2. We are spiritual beings having human experiences and I love this post! I first heard of the law of attraction from the movie called The Secret years ago and I have never looked back since. Wonderful post!

  3. Very interesting, Art! My family and I were just talking about this concept the other day, but I couldn’t recall what it was called. This not only reminded me, but was chock full of great info. I also enjoyed the reference to Job. That phrase always catches my eye when I read it, so it’s interesting to put it together with the Law of Attraction.

    1. You’re welcome, Todd! I appreciate your taking the time to comment. Wishing you a great weekend! 🙏🙂

  4. I’m changing my thoughts on “The Law of Attraction”. I used to think of it as a way to get money and become wealthy, but now I’m seeing that I have been attracting things that help me to grow. This has been really eye-opening to I’m not a failure for having failed to attract wealth, instead my wealth has been experience and becoming a better version of me. That really helps to release the glimmers of guilt and shame I was holding onto.

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