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We’ve been working hard to mold Wise & Shine into a community for readers and writers. This summary post is intended to provide a peek into the collaborative efforts and other content you may have missed. Please sign up for the newsletter to get information on content and contests.

Don’t Miss These Posts

Work and Life: The Elephant In the Cockpit

AP2 writes a moving and personal piece about mental health and the impact of the pandemic on pilots.

Critical Thinking: Building the Muscular Mind Installment Two

Troy implores us to be involved and engaged in causes in order to build our muscular mind.

Health and Well-being: Zugzwang

Jack cleverly uses a chess term to talk about life and what the next move may bring.

Life Hacks: How to Improve Your Life

Crisbiecoach explores the idea of less is more and suggests five things to take away to improve the quality of life.

Personal Development: There Is Try: Why Yoda Was Wrong

Todd explores how having the courage to try helps us grow and learn.

Philosophy: East versus West: A Look at Two Minds

Andrew delves into how our worldviews affect our thought patterns, happiness and inner lives.

Gratitude: The Best Habit of All

Betul asks if there is one habit we can choose to be the most important.

Self-Awareness: Crumpled Pieces of Paper

Art delves into the situations that can destroy our piece of mind and proposes another way to be with them.

Psychology: A “half-glass of water” question

SeekerFive poses the question of what to call the glass of water if we could be neither optimistic or pessimistic.

Reader’s Corner

See Ari Joshua Bouse’s piece in The Edge of Humanity magazine: Remembering Grandmother’s Spirit

Long-time follower Deborah Klee has a new novel being published on 12/1: Pre-order The Forever Cruise

Writer Jack Canfora’s play Step 9 will drop as a bingeable podcast on November 9th on all major podcast platforms. Get excited for an engaging theatrical podcast.


Troy has been busy hosting writers and readers on the Wise & Shine podcast. Check out these episodes and please subscribe to the Wise & Shine podcast on Spotify:

W&S Writers Troy and Cristiana: On Home and Place

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Troy and reader Dr. Vicki Atkinson: Homelessness and Like a Rainbow

W&S Writers Troy and Wynne: The Creative Process coming Nov 1

W&S Writers Troy and Jack: The Creative Process Part II coming Nov 8

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