The Wise & Shine Podcast:  Coming Attractions

If you’re a regular reader, you know I’ve been posting recently about the new Wise & Shine podcast

We’ve published four episodes, and I’m working hard to plan and record others.  Our goal is to begin posting a new episode each Tuesday. 

I’d like to preview a few upcoming episodes. 

This weekend, I’ll be talking with Wynne Leon, one of our writers about two topics.  Firstly, we’ll discuss blogging, her writing process, and creativity.  Secondly, we’ll talk about her memoir, Finding My Father’s Faith.

I’ll also be interviewing Wise & Shine’s Jack Canfora, award-winning playwright and humorist.  Our conversation will focus on those things he’s published here and elsewhere.  I’m interested in learning more about his views on why he’s drawn to humor and his thoughts about what makes humor work (or not).

Thanks for being a great supporter of this blog and podcast!

11 thoughts on “The Wise & Shine Podcast:  Coming Attractions

      1. Thank you for that! I’m disappointed, because starting Tuesday, we’ll be out of the country for two weeks, and I won’t likely have a chance to listen during that time. But.. I will catch up when we get back!! Really looking forward to these next two. 😁

  1. Thank you, Troy, for all your hard work forging ground on the podcast and so generously hosting all of us! Looking forward to our conversation, as always!

    1. It’s been an interesting experience so far. Luckily, having been a teacher at universities for so long where I had to organize and carry out class discussions, I have a bit of experience in doing this sort of thing. But this isn’t entirely the same thing. So I’m learning something new! You are welcome!

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