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The First Wise & Shine Podcast

As Troy mentioned in his Projects and Podcasts post, we have been working on creating a podcast to compliment the content on Wise & Shine. Troy and Cristiana sat down to have a great conversation: On Home & Place and it is our first published podcast. Music by Todd Fulginiti.

Available on Spotify: https://spotifyanchor-web.app.link/e/01mMqHMxRtb

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14 thoughts on “The First Wise & Shine Podcast

  1. I’ve been looking forward to the podcast premier, and it didn’t disappoint! Troy and Cristiana were fantastic. Love those accents, btw! So fun hearing about all of the different places they’ve lived and some of the similarities between countries that are so far apart.

    Also, I’ve decided if I was moving overseas, it would be a toss-up between Brussels, where I could wear what I like without being judged, and Estonia, where my neighbors wouldn’t be breathing down my neck. 😁 Very fun!

    1. This is such a great comment, Kendra! Yes, aren’t their accents amazing! And that’s funny about your choice of overseas spots. What a coincidence!

  2. Ah….what fun to listen to! Thank you, Troy and Cristiana. I loved the detailed sharing about “home” and your direct experiences with cultural nuances. I’m a fan of sharing global perspectives…helping us all make the world just a little smaller and friendlier. 😊
    Troy: It comes as no surprise that you were a 5-year-old who wanted a globe, given your Peace Corps work and travels/work to Poland and Egypt.
    Cristiana: What fun to hear about the more casual dressing in Brussels vs. Italy and the clarification about tagliatelle — not spaghetti – w/bolognese sauce! Somewhere, I have distant Italian ancestors who are cheering because you set us straight.
    Cheers and thanks to both of you! 😉

  3. Thanks for getting the word out, Wynne. Hi all. Yes, this was our first attempt so we were very much in learning mode. I certainly see some things that could have been done differently, but overall, I am very happy with this first result, and my feeling is this is something we will get very good at in no time at all. Plus, it was a lot of fun.

    Cristiana, how do you feel?

    Thanks to all who are listening. We’re open to your suggestions about podcasting techniques and potential topics. Please feel free to post any ideas that come to you in this “comments” section. Or contact us via email.

    We’re putting together future episodes now and will be posting those soon. We hope to get the process down so well that we can follow a regular and predictable posting schedule.

    Again, thanks, for being such great readers (and now LISTENERS).

    1. I think it was fantastic, Troy! I was excited while talking to you, words flowed out without hesitation and it was really fun doing it. Thank you Troy for the idea, Wynne for making it possible, and Todd for the music. And thank you listeners!

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