The Fire of Our Being

In this article, we’re going to figuratively gather around the collective “The Fire of Our Being.” We might imagine it is a large bonfire that is glowing with flames that are dancing lively and flicking their sparks toward the evening sky. The burning wood snaps with sizzling crackles as its energy is released. Around the fire, there are benches and chairs on which we can be comfortable. Children, who may not be ready to listen to our chat, are frolicking behind us; they are gleeful, chasing one another in a game of tag. When we gaze upward, we see stars in the heavens that are sparkling like diamonds; and the brilliant moon is so close–we can see the “man” who lives there smiling back at us. Here on earth, we’re sitting together as brothers and sisters. We’re taking turns to share, listen, congratulate, and hug one another tightly. Everyone is welcome to sit around our fire. It’s my turn to talk…so I begin:


“My brothers and sisters,” I say, with my arms spread in welcome, “a trick has been played upon us. And it has fooled the majority of us far too long. NOW is the time for knowing better. When we first came to earth, we–each of us–were given a name. Our names come in great variety; and we speak with many accents, depending on where we live. But it’s important that we know our True Identity. We are not our names! A name is only a word that refers to that which it represents. You can never get wet from the word water!

We’ve been conditioned to believe that there is a separate “me” looking out from each of us. But that is not the case. Only the mind attempts to fool us this way! There is only One Knower, and our body-minds shine by Its Light. When we get still and quiet our mind, we can realize through our heart that the Knower in you–Consciousness–is also the same Knower in all of us. In Truth, we are all One.

What are we…truly? We are aspects of That which makes this earth, the sun, and galaxies. Out of The One arises everything–all that was, is, and shall be! We are born of The One that makes all of the world’s oceans, lakes, and rivers; if it was not for The One, nothing would flow, including us. The One is the only Creator; and, we, creations of The One. We are alike in nature–Spirit; differing only in degree. Our body-minds are on this earth, but we–Spirit–are not. We belong to, and exist through, The One. We are intended to work together, to help one another, and to express the best that is within us; and the best within us is God.”


The fire burned all night; and we–brothers and sisters–huddled around it until the wee hours of the morning. At one point, a shooting star blazed across the inky sky; and soon after, another one–playing tag–flamed behind it. To stay warm, we gathered closer when the fire died down to embers. The atmosphere was bathed richly with Love–the real, everlasting kind. There was no talk of nations or division; no line drawn in the sand to separate this and that. We knew the harvest of the world was intended to be shared equally. Everyone had enjoyed much talking and laughing, eating and drinking, sharing and caring. And when we departed to go our apparently separate ways, we were happy in the knowing that we were expressions of The One.

Dare to dream (and care for one another).

With heartfelt regards,


Copyright © – 2020 – R. Arthur Russell


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