July 4th Celebration? No Thanks.

Women stripped of bodily autonomy. The Environmental Protection Agency handcuffed in fighting climate change. Public money allowed to fund religious schools.  Gun rights expanded. These are recent decisions made by the United States Supreme Court. 

Of the 9 justices that comprise the group, nearly half were appointed by presidents who lost the popular vote. One of the newer justices (Gorsuch) was nominated to fill a spot that would have been taken by Merrick Garland, had Mitch McConnell not purposely obstructed the process.  Later, he hypocritically rushed another justice (Barret) through to confirmation in record time before Trump’s presidency ended.

Once revered as having transcended above partisanship, the Supreme Court is now a compromised, unfairly constituted board of national embarrassment.

Mass shootings continue as an inept Congress passes weak gun laws that are immediately overshadowed and weakened by the Supreme Court.

A large portion of the country believes things that are demonstrably false; the election was stolen, climate change is fake, vaccines are unsafe.

Race problems persist, and systemic issues remain entrenched.

Most voters don’t take the time to learn about the issues or the candidates- just pulling the team lever satisfies their civic duty.

I’m not usually one to focus on the negative, but we have big mess on our hands and many of us are either happy about it or don’t care.

Forgive me if I’m just not in a celebrating mood this year.

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14 thoughts on “July 4th Celebration? No Thanks.

  1. You’re forgiven.
    I think it’s important to be able to express opinions and feelings, whether positive or negative. As you say many things seem s#1t at present. If gloss coating is painted over them how can we address the issues? So thanks for saying it as you see it.

  2. Totally agree. What we need is a name for where the GOP wants to take us, something descriptive and catchy. Hell doesn’t work. I doubt that either Jesus or Lucifer condone what the GOP is doing.

    1. I like the idea of a catchy name for the “movement”- but I can’t think of any good ones 🤔

      1. there are a number of quite applicable historical references: Knownothings, Resurrectionists (as in grave robbers), Alchemists, Brownshirts, Copperheads, Seditionists, etc. Knownothing is probably my favorite.

  3. Todd, I agree with you about the problems you have enumerated. The US was founded on admirable principles from which we have strayed numerous times. Let us hope that the pendulum swings in the opposite direction very soon. I want very much to celebrate the fourth of July with renewed enthusiasm next year!

  4. I think the best to cherish one’s country is to see what is really happening there.
    Patriotism without questioning is like driving a car without having your head with you.
    I am happy when I read posts like this.
    It gives me hope for humanity.

  5. I hear you, Todd! You’re coming through loud and clear and I’m certainly in your corner. Here’s the problem. Progressives can’t do politics as well as the far right can. Progressives value diversity, which means they would never require fellow progressives to walk in lockstep or sing exactly the same tune in the same way. The far right, by definition, enforces conformity. Those who would “let a thousand flowers bloom” can never hope to compete with a group that practices groupthink and groupspeak. It’s unfortunate, but progressives are going to have to toughen up. But this is going to be difficult because progressivism doesn’t value “toughness” like the other side does. How can progressive continue to value tolerance while learning how to fight harder and more “ruthlessly?” That’s the 64-thousand-dollar question.

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