Understanding The Law of Attraction

The key point regarding a deeper understanding of the law of attraction involves an apparent major shift in our identity. I added the word “apparent” for good reason. Although we can only be what we actually are, it is possible, however, to hold erroneous beliefs regarding our essential nature. This is, in fact, the predominant situation for the majority of persons in the story of humanity. Until we directly recognize true Self beyond name and form, it is likely that we will believe the law of attraction is merely nonsense at best; and perhaps detrimental at worst.

A closely related point that is connected to deeper understanding is found as the first principle in The Kybalion, a book of esoteric teachings. The principle reads as follows:

THE ALL IS MIND; The Universe is Mental.”

If your initial reaction is to exclaim that this is absurd, please know that you are not alone. My first reaction was one of incredulity–“this” just couldn’t be true! The reason for my initial doubt, and that of many other persons, is simple: we have been so strongly conditioned to believe that we are the physical person that to even contemplate being otherwise seems ludicrous! Most persons would probably agree that their mind is at least involved in observing their body as it interacts with the apparent “world;” but the numbers are few who know that Infinite Living Mind is actually creating their body-mind and the world. In fact, the thought of such has most likely never occurred.

If we maintain that our body-mind and all other objects have “existence” independent of the mind that perceives them, we will be forced to remain at the level in which we believe that we (as physical body-minds) must be the doers/performers of all tasks and goals. True to this belief, such will seem to be the case. If, on the other hand, we can open our mind to the possibility that Consciousness is fundamental (independent of the person), we will realize that Infinite Living Mind is the creator of all, including our body-mind.

Please at least contemplate some of the dreams that “you” have experienced. Were there not persons, places, and objects in them? Did they seem real? If so, could this not also be the case with what the masses claim to be reality now? What I’m asserting is that the so-called “matter” in this world is fashioned from the same “stuff” that apparently occupied our dream state–namely, Consciousness. It is upon this vantage point of understanding that the law of attraction becomes credible. To create from it, we habitually hold a feeling-imbued idea of our desire already achieved and watch (as the witness) as actions are performed via our body-mind. There is a detached and stress free feeling associated with this form of creation; for we know that our essential nature is beyond name and form.

Let’s end this article with a photo-passage from The Secret Door to Success, by Florence Scovell Shinn:

As we can readily understand from the message, Florence Scovell Shin is relating that it is our habitual heart-felt focus, empowered via Infinite Living Mind, that makes the difference in what manifests in our apparent life. I, and many other authors and teachers, agree. This seems possible when we understand more about our essential nature. Do you really believe that you’re the body-mind that “YOU” witness?

Dare to Dream (and care for one another).

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8 thoughts on “Understanding The Law of Attraction

    1. With this paradigm of “reality,” we actually get what we believe. All of the books about the law of attraction clearly state that we must have–first–in consciousness before we can ever hope to experience that in “reality.”

      The rich get richer and the poor poorer actually comes from the Bible–stating that to he who “has” (in consciousness) even more will be given; but that to he who has not, even what he has (a poverty consciousness in mind) will be taken. This makes Joe Dispenza’s book (You Are The Placebo) make more sense.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

    1. Hello Art,

      In a way, I suppose that is so. In spite of appearances, we’re all experiencing our own individual “reality” anyway, even if they may seem similar.

      Thanks for taking the time to comment!

  1. After reading the best-seller “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne, I started practising what she explained in her book. As it happened to me that some negative facts materialized indeed after I thought about them (also some details) for a certain period of time, I told myself that if the law of attraction worked for negativity, it should work also for the positivity. But it didn’t…And honestly, I don’t think that if you are poor and you change your mentality, you will become rich or richer. Unfortunately, life is more complicated than that…

    1. I appreciate your sharing your thoughts about the subject, Cristiana! You might find Chapter Four of Rhonda Byrne’s latest book (“The Greatest Secret) interesting, or not; only you will know. The key to manifestation is understanding related to the enlightenment–the very nature of our essential Being. It’s also why Paramahansa Yogananda stated (The Law of Successs): “The mind is the creator of everything.” By this, he’s talking about Universal Consciousness–not the finite mind of humankind.

      I’m attaching a link to one of my articles, just in case it’s of interest. If not, I understand and respect that, too! Thanks again!


      1. Thank you for your reply! While I understand the concept of enlightenment, I find it difficult in practice. In your article in the link, you mention Jesus. He also said: “ask and you will get”. But as said before, life is more complicated than that.

  2. You’re very welcome, Cristiana. Enlightenment is not actually something we attain; it’s rather “What” we are, as true Self is beyond the mind. This cannot be understood from the perspective of the “person,” which almost all of our eight billion have been conditioned to believe they are. The body-mind (and this right now) is occurring within a dream, termed the Waking State. It is from that perspective that all things are possible. Why? Because everything is vibrational. Everything seen is actually representational–mediated by the mind.

    When we look into the subject of quantum physics, we also come ot a point of understanding that light behaves as a wave of probability–either as a wave or a particle. Every “thing” that is experienced is actually made from Light, otherwise termed Consciousness.

    In some of Rupert Spira’s incredible books on the nature of consciousness, he states an example of “Jane,” stating that she is not an entity (long lasting in time/space) but a function. This is more easily understood if we realize that everything is pulsing in and out of apparent “existence” at incredibly fast rates. I’ll leave it at that as I don’t wish to be a bother in any way at all.

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