Good Times? Why You Should Rank Your Fun

Are we so info -crazed these days that we even have to keep stats and rank our fun? Maybe. 

But that’s ok because ranking your fun can be- fun! More importantly it can help us to see what things we truly enjoy and how to create more time for those things by eliminating the other stuff.

I learned of this concept from a pastor whose sermon I heard while visiting a church several weeks ago. The concept isn’t mine (I don’t believe it is the pastor’s either) but it is interesting and useful. So, many thanks to whoever came up with this!

As I heard it, fun can be divided into 4 categories:

1. Total Fun

These are things that seem like they will be fun prior to the activity, are actually fun during the activity, and remain fun and full of good memories after the activity. Fun doesn’t get any “funner” than this.

2. Retro Fun

These are activities that may seem like fun to do, but are not fun when you’re actually doing them. Then when it’s over, we look back fondly and say “that actually was fun.” Activities in this category may include working out, building something, or any act which induces suffering first but feels good later.

3. Not Fun

Sometimes we may think we’re headed for a nice experience, but that good feeling never kicks in. In other words, the whole thing sucks from beginning to end. Obviously, these are experiences we may want to avoid.

4. Vicarious Fun

Just as it sounds, vicarious fun is the enjoyment we get from following or supporting someone who is doing something impressive, like running a marathon or traveling. If just hearing about our friend’s experience and success brings us joy, we may be in the Level 4 Vicarious Fun Zone.

So why bother with these rankings? Since we only have so much time in our lives for fun, the idea is to see where our activities fall and to assess whether or not we’re happy with how we’re spending our time.

It’s nothing to obsess on or overthink, it’s just another tool we can use quickly to help us live our best life.

Share and rank something fun you’ve experienced in the comments.

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2 thoughts on “Good Times? Why You Should Rank Your Fun

  1. What an interesting idea, Todd. It seems like it could save us from repeating things that we thought would be fun (like going on a roller coaster) and didn’t really like! What a FUN post! 🙂

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