Sometimes, Justice Prevails

By Jack Canfora

“Sometimes there’s God, so quickly!” As Blanche Dubois once said, though, if we’re being honest with each other, she had a penchant for the melodramatic. But today I’m inclined to agree with her. Today, in America, justice prevailed. It didn’t last week, and it may not next week, but let’s live in the moment, shall we?

After the blazing endless, careening roller coaster of awful that was 2020, we all had high hopes for 2021. And while it wasn’t the flashy, incessant, exuberantly in your face awful 2020 was, 2021 had moments of crappy that would make 2020 cringe with envy. And it wasted no time. January 6th was horrifying, and Covid pulled a fast one us, making a head fake towards containment, only to come roaring back to the tune of more deaths than in all of 2020. It keeps coming back in awful variants around the world, like the Fast and Furious franchise. And last week laid to rest the idea that we could hope for a serious conversation about race.

And yet…there were glimmers of hope. There always are, if you look hard enough. So, just in time for Thanksgiving, we have something to be grateful for; indeed we all, collectively and individually, likely have many things. Among mine is the privilege to post on here and have you be kind enough to read them. Let’s hope the reasons for gratitude keep coming.

2 thoughts on “Sometimes, Justice Prevails

  1. Why is it that society as a whole cannot grasp the reality of life will never be as it once was before the December 2019? The holidays of each year are continuing, and that is something to be grateful for.

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